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Player-set timer

Sep 03, 2009 Kierky link
This is basically a player determined timer, which can be activated using the /timer range of keys.

/timer (PREFIX) [displays possible commands]
set [00:00:00] Starts a timer with determined value. (this is HH:MM:SS)
kill (kills the active timer)
sound [off/on] (plays the prox alert 5 times when expires)
msg "msg" (sets a message to be displayed when the timer expires)

I assume this will be useful for CTC and various other events that you might want to give yourself a limit of time.
Sep 04, 2009 meridian link
Alright, created a plug-in for ya Kierky. It follows your specifications with the following additions:

/timer set will also accept just minutes if no colons are used

I also used a custom sound instead of the proxy alert since it was more trouble than it was worth to set up timers to play the sound 5 consecutive times. The bonus is you can change to sound to whatever you want.

Sound on/off status is saved to the config file, custom msg is not.

Link: Timer v0.1 (OBSOLETE)
[EDIT] UPDATE: Timer v1.3
For more info see:
Sep 06, 2009 JJDane link
Nice,should be useful for collector camping