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Targetting turrets

Jan 05, 2010 Ticho link
Is it just me, or is everyone bothered by the fact that it's kind of difficult to use "select ship i'm pointing at" button to target a capship, leviathan, or sometimes even a moth, because their turrets get in the way?

I would propose following change:
- the "select ship i'm pointing at" button would ignore turrets
- add new control for "select turret i'm pointing at on a ship i'm currently targetting, or on a ship that owns the turret i'm currently targetting"
- optionally, add another two controls for selecting next/previous turret on a currently targetted ship
Jan 05, 2010 Death Fluffy link
No. Its not just you. Its why I use targetless or sector list
Jan 06, 2010 maq link
This creates a new command 'ignoreturret' that will target the parent ship of a turret always.
Otherwise it works as normal 'target in front'.
That good enough?

[edit] link fixed
Jan 06, 2010 Ticho link
It's quite usable, thanks a lot!
However, I don't think the default targetting interface should be so frustrating. It would be nice if some change to turret targetting made it into the game as one of the small last minute updates.
Jan 07, 2010 Alloh link
As reference, FS2 has one key to target ships/objects, another to target subsystems, and a third to target turrets.

Since most ships does not have turrets, and aiming turrets is less used, maybe a new key for that.
Jan 07, 2010 Dr. Lecter link
Since most candies are in monsters on the closets, maybe there could be a new key for targeting that.