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Everything should give weapon xp

Oct 13, 2010 CrazySpence link
I am absouletly certain there are other threads for this but I can't be bothered to look for forgotten threads

There is no reason that anything you kill shouldn't give you weapon xp, players, npc's flying regular equip, strike forces. Everything.

-Improves weapons leveling.
-Makes border skirmish more useful to leveling a char
-PvP only people can still level weapons.

Do it

There isn't a demands forum but consider this one. The next "-fixed <something useless to me> On android"
should also have
"Everything gives weapons xp" right underneath it

thanks in advance.
Oct 13, 2010 ryan reign link
It is kind of odd that an NPC with 20/20/20 gives no weapons or combat xp.
Oct 13, 2010 Pizzasgood link
Yes please.
Oct 13, 2010 tarenty link
Oct 15, 2010 Willis link
Yes this has been needing implementation for a long time.
Oct 15, 2010 incarnate link
I agree. However, it won't be showing up tonight. And I'll have to look into how we should go about implementing it.

[EDIT]: Also, border skirmish now gives weapon XP, as of tonight.
Oct 16, 2010 CrazySpence link
The border skirm xp is awesome. now you at least get *some* credit for a partial kill
Oct 16, 2010 CrazySpence link
I also think this will go a long way if you get newbs from all this tegra stuff because they can level everything in hive skirmish or border skirmish now :)
Oct 16, 2010 drazed link
Somehow I doubt tegra noobs will be doing much of heavy BS/HS missions... maybe the really small missions, and even those less often then we'd all like. I expect the tegra players to have a heavy part in trade/mining/etc. And maybe as a secondary device to login from on the go to check out what's happening (chat, or trade/mine?), and do the heavier combat stuff on a real PC.

On the other hand, if capships were all of a sudden made available, a tegra device could be an ideal tactile C&C device to manage your very own trident or whatnot ;)
Oct 16, 2010 look... no hands link
pvp of course should give weapons xp as well as the combat xp, or maybe, add another level, PVP xp. Dunno if you want to go tieing anything into the pvp xp for buying stuff, maybe the railguns on an either or basis, either X pvp xp or 500 kills for adv rails etc etc.
Oct 16, 2010 missioncreek2 link
This is great! I've long thought that the pirate occupation needs weapons xp from pk and voy kills.A new pirate character should be able to level.
Oct 17, 2010 ntli link
Inc, I know you love me so listen.

I keep deleting myself as yodaofborg, and my recent reincarnation is really suffering because of a lack of PvP Weapons XP. yodaofborg is 7/4/5/x/x and has less than 487 bot kills. He has nearly 200 PvP kills though and that's how he got his combat levels. He cannot get weapons XP without taking missions to kill bots. He would rather not as killing hive is easy for him and not a challenge.

Killing players it is so how's about you concentrate on giving PvP kills weapons XP too. You could work it out the same way you do for giving out combat XP, but maybe reduce the multiplier by like 10%.


For example, I kill ecka with a Jack hammer, I get my usual +800 combat XP + 710 Heavy XP. John then sneaks up behind me and blats me with a agt, he gets nothing, because I don't give him any combat XP. I sneak up on some newb who manages to shoot me, he gets 100 combat XP and 90 Light cos he killed me but my levels are still low.
Nov 02, 2010 CrazySpence link
I haven't forgotten about this *shakes fist*

Border skirm has worked out great so deal it out to everything