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Update Biocom Vulture XT

Nov 03, 2016 Darth Nihilus link
Suggestion to update the Biocom Vulture XT to the following:

Armor: 8900
Cargo: 2
Weapons: 1L
Mass: 4400kg
Max Speed: 65m/s
Turbo Speed: 220m/s
Turbo energy: 60/s
Nov 03, 2016 xperia link
XT means extended turbo, it cannot have 60 per sec, and still be XT,
Maybe XP is a better idea? Or dont touch its turbo
Nov 03, 2016 abortretryfail link
Why would i want this if i can get a WTD the next station over that has better stats and an extra port?
Nov 03, 2016 Darth Nihilus link
Profile of the vultures vs the warthogs. I find it tough to compare a vulture's fighting capabilities with any other ship just for this reason. Sure, there are some ships that have smaller profiles from certain angles but the vulture seems the hardest to hit from my experience.

WTD also requires much more standing than the XT. And the WTD is, without a doubt, the best warthog fighter in the game. I'm not thinking of making the XT a top-tier combat ship. I think even with this change it would still be below the corvult and the SVG, but would finally make it more relevant than the mkIII and mkIV, which I think it deserves.

It is a faction variant of a commonly used combat ship. It shouldn't compete with top-tier non-vulture, combat ships. I think it's proper place is right beneath the SVG and corvult, and I think this change accomplishes that, while still giving it its own niche. Ships with niches are good in my opinion. We need more ship variations.

Currently there are no single large port fighter ships in the game at all. This ships relevance and therefore Biocom's relevance would definitely go up as a result of this change.

Changing anything else, while still having a slight impact, wouldn't make this ship any more unique than every other top-of-the-line Vulture. I do think that upgrading its engine would make it more relevant, but wouldn't really serve any goal other than competing with existing vultures.

I think having this ship as a another chaser is pointless. We currently have the warthog mkII, the greyhound, the X1, the SVG, and the UDV that serves that role well. Making the XT another chaser wouldn't improve how useful it is by very much, and only serve to compete with a slew of already-existing ships, one of which is another vulture.

I added the increase in turbo drain as a trade-off, as I think something else has to change when giving it a large port. Maybe even putting the drain at 55/s or 57/s would make more sense?
Nov 03, 2016 We all float link
@xperia are you sure the XT means extended turbo? The current 57/s was reduced from 60/s most recently and 65/s before that. Anyways, with a IHDPC this becomes less of an issue. The Turbo thrust is what is better on this ship over the standard varrients.
@arf the nice front profile of the vult

@everyone You know, Biocom already does manufacturing in F6. I'd be ok if the stats are significantly more OP if this becomes a manufactured Biocom ship
Nov 03, 2016 Hoban-Wash-Washburne link
+1 I think a gat vult would be fun
Nov 03, 2016 SR_7136_HELLCAT link
^ Gat vult seems legit. +1 again.
Nov 04, 2016 joylessjoker link
Sorry Darth Kiddo, but arf is winning here.
Nov 04, 2016 Faille Corvelle link

I have long wanted a MP equipped vulture. Whether another ship is better or not makes little difference to me. After all, if all I wanted was the "best" light fighter, I'd have an Itani character as my main. I think few would argue that the Valkyrie is the "over-all" best light fighter, yet I fly the CorVult. I simply like the idea of putting the biggest blaster I can into the lightest ship I can.

Those how have danced with me a lot know I care more about how fun the fight is than who wins, or if I have the bestest ship possible. I simply think a single large port Vulture would be fun. Sure, some folks will swarm-vult with it. Big fat hairy frigging deal. Those same pilots already use a hog or hound for the same purpose, so nothing really changes there.

The best argument I can see for a single large port light fighter is that there isn't one already. It doesn't have to be the best ship out there, or fill a specific niche. Creative pilots will FIND a niche for it. Less creative (or more salty) pilots will complain it's either OP or useless. Such is the way of the MMO. In the end, it's more variety, and more is more.
Nov 04, 2016 Darth Nihilus link
Yea, I agree with everything you said, but I think the practical argument is just as good as the "its fun" argument.

By filling a niche, exactly what I meant was providing more variety. Not that it will serve some specific purpose, but rather it will not be similar to any other ship. Therefore providing another ship that isn't out there that fits within the boundaries of the current ships' stats.
Nov 05, 2016 The_Catman link
Sure, some folks will swarm-vult with it. Big fat hairy frigging deal. Those same pilots already use a hog or hound for the same purpose, so nothing really changes there

The devs already killed the swarm hound, for no real reason, so I doubt we will get a LP vult.
Nov 07, 2016 scared star link
wouldn't a LP on light ship make it a bit more heavier?(plus count the weapon on it)
Nov 08, 2016 neon black link

L-port Vult variant would be a welcome addition to the Vult family..
Nov 08, 2016 Luxen link
Thats gonna be one fat vulture!
Nov 12, 2016 Darth Nihilus link
It WOULD be one fat vulture, that is...
Nov 17, 2016 Darth Nihilus link
Any dev opinion on this?
Nov 18, 2016 yodaofborg link
Dont pick on my XT, make a new vult!
Nov 18, 2016 Hoban-Wash-Washburne link
Just make it an XT mkII
Jan 27, 2017 Darth Nihilus link
While we got a set of dev eyes around here....
Jan 28, 2017 VikingRanger link
+1 to L-port vulture