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Law Enforcement turret (manufacturable)

Jan 24, 2017 Jaks link
Corvus Prime is proud to announce access to our new Law Enforcement turret. Our engineers designed it to be powered by the cores of 2 standard law enforcement blasters. Due to our extensive research in Hive weaponry, we were able to increase the targeting capabilities of this turret, increase the velocity and reduce the delay. Only available to pilots will special standings.

Law Enforcement Turret
Damage: 1300
Velocity: 210
Delay: .12s
Mass: 1000
Targeting: Excellent
Grid: 16

Requirements: Bring us a bunch random stuff plus 2 Law Enforcement blasters and a Hive Queen Gatling Cannon.
Jan 24, 2017 greenwall link
By random do you mean dynamically random or statically random? Changing the requirements everytime someone took the mission would be fun. i.e. sometimes it would be just 1 cu of water, and sometimes it would be 47 items from across the universe. Limit 1 take per day...
Jan 24, 2017 Death Fluffy link

a) law neuts are not available to the general public, why should this weapon be any different?
b) giving the station law neuts for any purpose should result in negative consequences for the player rather than a finished product or credits