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Raven Grenadier

May 29, 2017 We all float link
New from Ineubis Defense Research: The Raven Grenadier . The RG fires multiple miniaturized avalons out of a modified flechette cannon with a similar spread. We have added a concussion effect as an extra surprise for your enemies. Bring us the following materials and you will get one Raven Grenadier.

Premium Ferric Ore 15
Premium Ishik Ore 15
Pyronic Ore 10
Synthetic Silksteel 5
Power Regulators 2
Dentek Processor Core 1
Guardian Processor Core 1
XiRite Alloy 10
Power Regulators 2
Solid Fuel Packs 1
Flechette Cannon Mk II 1
Concussion Mine 3
Seeker Flares 3
Avalon 3

Small port

Damage: 500
Speed: 120
Energy: 17/per grenade
Delay: 0.1s
Mass: 3000 kg
Splash: 70m
Proximity: 20m
Targeting: Little
Ammo: 60
Lifetime: 60s

Faction level to build: POS
Badges required to build: PVP specialist
License level to arm: 0/0/0/0/0
May 29, 2017 DeathSpores link
remove concussion effect.
lower the speed.
and lower the ammo.
May 29, 2017 We all float link


edit: DeathSpores, let me expand

"remove concussion effect."

This is supposed have a bunch of conc.

"lower the speed."

This is supposed to go fast. (note that it has very little targeting) It is a manufactured item, thus it requires some specialty parts. Note that every shot requires energy. (Kind of like the screamer). The speed is required so they don't all blow up in your face.

"and lower the ammo."

Just No. It requires 3 Avalon launchers. 3 avalon launchers have the combined damage potential of 180,000 damage. This weapon has the damage potential of 30k. Plus it weighs a lot. The max damage you can do at once is mitigated by the energy requirements, the lack of targeting, and the spread pattern.

Also, while each "shot" has a damage potential of 500, since it shot as a cluster, there is a chance your target doesn't get hit by every piece of the cluster.
May 29, 2017 Luxen link
being shot in a cluster, I dunno if the trigger zone should be so large, but with that weight and all it might be a nice weapon. dunno entirely...
May 30, 2017 DeathSpores link
it's not a weapon it's an exploit.
May 30, 2017 We all float link
Pray tell, how would it be an "exploit"?