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New epuipment addons

Sep 29, 2021 WandererRogue link
I'd love to see unique addons added that allow new ship customizations than currently possible. Maybe a "nav spoofer" which prevents players from seeing which sector I'm jumping to, and possibly a "radar jammer" that intermittently interrupts players' target locking abilities, causing the need to manually re-aquire target locks. I believe building on the scanner spoofer add-on type, there are many possibilities to be created. Anybody got some other ideas like this?
Sep 29, 2021 incarnate link
So, generally, you want to post every idea into a unique thread. The more we combine threads, the more chaotic it gets.

So, you would have like a "Nav Spoofer" thread and describe exactly how that would work, and then a separate thread for a "Radar Jammer", and describe exactly how that works. Ideally you would include challenges to acquisition, like costs (or if it's a drop, or manufactured good), level requirements, etc.

Any popular addon discussion can easily run into pages, so having a lot of cross-discussion of different addons on the same thread can get a bit confusing.

I've updated Rule #5 to help clarify that.
Sep 29, 2021 WandererRogue link
Understood. This will be Nav Spoofer thread. I'll put some ideas together shortly. Thanks Incarnate for taking the time to respond!
Sep 30, 2021 incarnate link
So, would the Nav Spoofer just nullify the ability to see where you're jumping, or would it give a false jump destination?

There could be a variety of tradeoffs:

- A range limit. Basically, instead of people having to be within 1000m to see your destination, they might have to be within 500m.
- Substantial mass or Grid usage, to add further downside beyond the usage of a port.

Sep 30, 2021 Rejected link
This is a great idea! I rarely run scanners but I would definitely use a radar spoofer.

I would like to see a small port variant with a range limit (i.e. for use on a smaller ship that has a chance of putting distance between them and an attacker.

And a large port variant with high mass for a bigger ship that isn't likely to be outrunning an attacker. Basically, a chance to get to 3000m and jump to an empty sector without being followed before being blown to smithereens.

Especially now that NPCs can follow you out of a sector, this could be huge!
Oct 01, 2021 WandererRogue link
The balancing act of all factors is the hard part. Not for sale at stations. Maybe it can be manufactured, but in a novice way, ie. not too difficult to make. I'm not familiar with manufacturing in game yet so I don't know how to suggest going about it. (Other than requiring Guardian processor cores). Also it should be (semi-rare) loot drop from Guardian bots. Unfortunately, this affects friends' nav computer too.

Nav Spoofer (sp)

Sends false sector jump coordinates to pursuing enemy's nav computer.
Grid Usage: 6
Mass: 150
Volume (as cargo): 1 cu
Oct 01, 2021 Whistler link
I would get back to Inc's questions about how it actually functions and balances within the game. Once that is hammered out, then you can get into the "cost" in terms of weight, space, grid, etc.
Oct 02, 2021 haxmeister link

I actually think this is a good idea. Occupying a port alone is a pretty strong trade off. If you catch a ship with one port occupied they are toast.

Recommend increasing mass to 1k and making it a small port item. This will make most ships equipping the addon fully committed to running instead of fighting. Making it small port is a way to restrict this version to certain ship types.

Sends false sector jump coordinates to pursuing enemy's nav computer.
Port small
Grid Usage: 6
Mass: 1000
Volume (as cargo): 1 cu

This is a much more delicate matter for cap ships in terms of balance. Mostly because the difference in grid power and usable turret numbers between the goli and dent. It almost demands 2 different models for dent and goli. The dent is a fighting ship, the goli is a freighter that can put up a decent defensive fight.

A possibility is to have the battery usage requirements based on overall ship size. It should require more power to conceal a larger ship. Do this for a turret option. Reason being that the trade off for occupying a goli turret is much higher than a dent turret.

Port turret
Grid Usage: 10 - 25 based on ship size AND/OR decreased battery recharge rate of 5% - 10% based on battery type.
Mass: 1000
Volume (as cargo): 1 cu
Oct 03, 2021 WandererRogue link
Isn't adding high mass going to make it more difficult to run and defeat the intended purpose of this equipment?
Also I'd like to see both large and small port versions. I think a behemoth trying to get away with a full cargo hold is very much in need of this equipment.