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quick docking into station ports

Sep 30, 2021 biretak link
when I launch from my trident that's safely close to a station in a ship to dock with a very close station, I bounce of the inside of the dock and sometimes I have to bounce of it more than once. If I am in the docking bay players should be able to dock regardless of how close the trident is. I'm not sure why there is a timer on docking to a station.

Simply put... the station should not care how recently my ship left the trident.

edited to add... if you launch from your dent and decide to go back in, shouldn't be a timer to prevent that either.
Sep 30, 2021 IronLord link
-1. Currently players have four xcs docked in a trident. That small window where they can't dock is the only time you can actually kill someone before they dock in their capship or dock in the station.
Sep 30, 2021 biretak link
it's six by the way, but I was switching fighters. Either way... Ironlord... stations should allow docking and so should dent when close. no reason for a cannot dock timer
Oct 01, 2021 IronLord link
The timer stops players from immediately unloading valuable cargo from a heavily armored capship to a unkillable station. It gives a window for the player to kill and steal said loot.
Oct 02, 2021 Inevitable link
There's also times when launching from docks needs a timer before redocking. For instance undocking from capships when in Deneb , hive missions, or pvp skirmishes, or other places while multiple people are trying to dock or intentionally blocking the dock. This suggestion would basically allow you to be locked in the docking loop.
Oct 09, 2021 womble link
There's no time period after undocking that you *can't* dock again -- or if there is, it's less than the two seconds or so that is the quickest I've gone dock-to-dock. There *is* a period of time when auto-dock won't engage, but you can still dock manually using whatever you've got bound to /activate.
Oct 09, 2021 starblazzz link
The delay is for auto dock only. Hit activate to dock.