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Sell warthog mk2 at bractus D-9

Oct 01, 2021 Rolflor link
Since the corvus hound is no longer sold at this station I think the hog 2 should be sold there as a replacement option.
Oct 02, 2021 haxmeister link
There should be a viable escape ship at every corvus station...
Oct 02, 2021 death456 link
This can go down on a slippery slope. We ask for one ship be sold here and then you might have tons of other suggestions like this. Asking for ships to be sold at station x. I just don't see the greater game play impact of this. People usually have hounds brought next door from Odia. What's the pressing issue?

Doesn't the Inubus(mind the spelling) station have the hog mk2? Seems silly to ask this question.
Oct 02, 2021 Whistler link
If escaping is the point, an unarmed centurion and an evasive nav route pre-loaded works very well.

Also, please see Rule #5. We're having to guess at the purpose of this suggestion.
Oct 02, 2021 Rolflor link
Escaping isn't the only point and a hog 2 is good for multiple uses.
It doesn't seem to me a slippery slope to ask for a similar ship to what was sold before but was removed for some RP reason that only the capitol should have Hounds (which I never understood)
Yes C-5 has hog 2 and I home there when I am botting in brac.
What about the players that can only dock in Corvus? What do they do when unrats are blocking the whs and they want a hog to go fight them? What if they want to go botting in a hog?
The Mk3 and Mk4 are sold there. Nobody wants them. Get rid of those 2 and replace them with the mk2.
Oct 02, 2021 Inevitable link
I don't know. I think some stations having different ships than others is a good thing else why not just make every station sell every ship. Having Ineubis standing in that corner of space has always been important. If you have bad Ineubis standing then you should work on fixing that and I say this as someone who has had -1000 Ineubis standing and had to do escort missions until I was no longer kos there.