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Oct 07, 2021 spacefarmer2050 link
A new sectors that will contain lots of ore and other raw materials. The new expiration sectors will be accessible for limited time. Once the time is up you won’t be getting to the sector only out of it. And there will be drones mining the sectors and drones will shoot on sight because the drones all gone rogue. When expiration sectors are found in territory owned by a faction they will protect everyone against other players when one player start firing at another player the faction’s security will fire at the attacker but returning fire will only get yourself attacked as well by the faction’s security.And the expiration sectors will randomly spawn 3 in faction territory and 10 in unclaimed space. But you have to find a expiration sector with a scanner or accidental discovery like flying into a sector with a wormhole to expiration sectors.
Oct 08, 2021 Whistler link
Please see Rule #5 , specifically:

"Post the positives, the downsides or risks, the trade-offs and ramifications, and why you think the idea improves the game as a whole. Consider the likely development burden, and factor that into your thought process."

As written it seems like the creation of a mother lode mining space that is protected from those who do not equip a scanner, or arrive late - and you can hide in it as long as long as you want.