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Mega Neutron Blaster as illegal weapon

Oct 17, 2021 SIGTERM link
Large port
Damage: 800
Delay: 0.16s
Energy: 16/blast
Velocity: 205 m/s
Mass: 500kg
Grid usage: 4
Volume (as cargo): 1cu

This weapon will have to be manufactured. The player will not be able to manufacture again unless s/he loses it.

Factions that do not care
The only factions chill with the usage of the weapon will be the ones in grey, i.e., Aeolus, Corvus, Ineubis, Tunguska and Xang Xi.

Hostile factions
Serco Dominion, Itani Nation, Union of Independent Territories, BioCom, Axia, Orion, TPG and Valent. Scanners will be placed in certain sectors (not all) and all stations.

If carried as cargo, the player will be asked to drop it and the guards will confiscate the item. Failing to drop in a certain amount of time will have the player temporarily marked as kill on sight. Temp KOS is removed when the player drops the weapon, dies or leaves monitored space. The player can evade scans with cargo scanner spoofer but once s/he unloads in station, it will be confiscated.

If mounted as add-on, the player will be instantly marked temp KOS. Temp KOS is removed when the player dies or leaves monitored space.

Geira Rutilus O-4 and Deneb O-3 offer the player with the weapon (no manufacturing required) but only after the player has signed up for a battle (figher skirmish, small skirmish, medium skirmish, large skirmish, border battle). If the player warps into any sector other than the ones in Deneb, the player will be marked temp KOS till s/he dies or leaves monitored space. Warping into Deneb K-5 and Deneb I-12 will also result in the same consequence.

After the battle is over and the player returns to the station, the station will take the weapon back automatically so that the player is not marked KOS after s/he forgets to unequip and leaves the station.

Reason: The nations do not care much about ethics and stuff when they are about to wipe their enemy's existence.

Possible exploits
The player may be able to hoard the weapon by giving it to their alts and manufacturing again.
Oct 17, 2021 SIGTERM link
The restrictions are placed mainly because of the ideas proposed in this thread:
Oct 17, 2021 SIGTERM link
The reason this weapon is considerd illegal is, it is crazy quick and does a lot of damage. It would be menacing if chainfired and essentially make gatling cannon useless since they have greater mass. Gatling canons never fire consecutive shots in a straight line and are slower, which gives room for evasion.

Corvus Widowmaker is alright because it has very high grid usage.
Oct 23, 2021 jh3245695 link