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PVE event, Order of Akan

Oct 19, 2021 haxmeister link
Order of Akan (see backstory) disables border turrets at a given nation's border sector/s and there is a large and long lived (1hr or more) attack on the station and players/guards at the border sectors nearest station/s.

In the news it notifies players of the event start time with something like "UIT Intel warns of Order of Akan action at *** at 7pm" or some such.

Rewards for participation are similar to Deneb.. 5k per kill and significant faction standing increase for each kill from the faction being attacked. No mission needed necessarily. Maybe a much larger bonus for killing a capship.

This is different from blockades triggered by deneb wars or unrats because this will happen IN THE NATION'S borders! Much fanfare and possible audio alert announcing it is happening in sector chat so noobs don't get surprised.
Oct 23, 2021 SIGTERM link

Order of Akan is cannon. Nobody knows where they come from and where they go. Having them come and disable the border turrets is a pretty big deal. In fact, the devs prohibit any direct references to the Order of Akan.

Border turrets are very powerful and self repairing, from what I have seen. Disabling border turrets would mean 1) a breach in Serco security 2) infiltrating capitol would become a walk in the park. Crossing wormholes is mad easy. Now with nothing to stop them from advancing, why would the infiltrators fool around at the border, risking more enemy reinforcements instead of taking control of the capitol as soon as possible? Think about it, capitol turrets are also the same as border turrets so they would be disabled too. History would repeat itself for the third time and make Order of Akan way too overpowered. The story would become boring where the Akanese just come and bomb Serco and the Serco are just sitting ducks.

Now the thing with UIT intelligence broadcasting in the universe about the Order of Akan breaching Serco defense. This part is full of holes.
1) Not even the Itani know about the whereabouts of the Order of Akan. Having the UIT know in advance would hint at several ridiculous possibilities: i) the UIT is closely related to the Order of Akan. It is known that they avoid any form of contacts. The story gets inconsistent.
ii) the UIT breached Akanese security. Why would the UIT make an enemy when they prefer to remain neutral?
iii) the UIT is trying to spread chaos on Serco side. Why else would they broadcast such crucial information instead of selling it to the highest bidders? This gives the Serco legitimate reason to get into UIT space. They have tried in the past but never got past the negotiation stage because they had no basis of doing so. This time there is no room for negotiation, just solid evidence. The UIT would start falling apart since BioCom would side with Serco and Axia and Valent are enemies so at least one of them would support Serco too. This only leaves TPG, Orion and Axia/Valent on UIT's side.
2) Such an action from UIT's part would also make the Itani wary of them, since the UIT could pull such a card on them too.
Oct 23, 2021 death456 link
"In fact, the devs prohibit any direct references to the Order of Akan."


I am also sure the order of akan is not cannon. There are references to it in the backstory. Notably when many Itanis left their homes and joined the order when they where asking for members.