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Windows Vista and VO.

Oct 10, 2007 Demonen link
Telling Win98 and Vista apart is not very hard in software. The Windows API provides numerous ways of extracting what OS is running.
Oct 18, 2007 yodaofborg link
Sounds like way too much effort to me, specially with all the other stuff, I still say setting the administrator bit (like they have) will do for now, this sound issue IS more pressing though...
Oct 20, 2007 Demonen link
The sound issue is a deal-breaker :)
Mar 23, 2008 Scraggles link
new vista box, downloaded the VO client and ran the updates, VO is installed along with the other games on a seperate drive

Thought XP was dire when was on win98se, heard bad things about vista, so far none of them seem to matter, can still play games like eve online and call of duty 4, some of the older games like far cry.. well the sand and sea are all the same colour.

Reading the forums, VO was supposed to have been updated last year to work with vista, but does not appear to have done so

Assuming the devs have got vista installed, why is it so hard to make it work ?

I could run VO with no sound, but getting shot at by players and AI bots gives a lot away with sound, having no sound, might as well not play it
Mar 28, 2008 ananzi link
on XP i used to make the attributes of a 'c:\program files\blahblah' runnable by ordinary users, readable too, but not writable...

oh well, linux thinking
Apr 01, 2008 yodaofborg link
Just a note, that Vista Service Pack 1 no longer needs the dsound=1 fix (infact, this fix breaks sound again in SP1) I recommend all Vista users install SP1 now anyways, its not 100% yet (my nic keeps losing its static IP still) but it is faster at moving stuff, etc.
Apr 10, 2008 moldyman link
I still get clicky audio :(

Apparently because 64 bit Vista + more than 3 gigs of RAM don't like each other. How dumb.
Apr 25, 2008 raybondo link
This next update 1.8.14 has a new mode that hopefully will make sound better.

It requires these lines in your config.ini file:

this mode tries to use floating point sound buffers if available.
If you want to disable floating point sound, set force_16bit to 1 instead of 0.

To verify what mode it is using, the waverror.log file should have this for floating point sound:
[04/25/08 19:03:02] Initializing Wav Sound...
44100 Hz 32bit stereo <-- notice 32bit
[04/25/08 19:03:02] Wav Sound Initialized.

and this for 16bit sound:
[04/25/08 19:03:02] Initializing Wav Sound...
44100 Hz 16bit stereo
[04/25/08 19:03:02] Wav Sound Initialized.

Or this line will be present if use_dsound is 1 and dsound is being used:
[04/25/08 19:03:02] Initializing DirectSound...
44100 Hz 16bit stereo
[04/25/08 19:03:02] DirectSound Initialized.

All versions of windows will try to use the floating point sound mode by default, so actually putting in force_16bit=0 is redundant. The only issue is that vista defaults to use_dsound=1 and all other versions default to use_dsound=0
Jul 08, 2008 IRS link
Because someone asked, the information ought to be here since it is useful, and I'm a helpful sort...

Originally posted in this thread:

Quoting "Darkbind II":
Ok i used these settings for vista to make it work all the time:
add the following 4 lines to your config.ini and it should work all the time:

Quoting "StuntmanMike":
Big Props to Darkbind II! Thank you!

After messing about for quite some time I can across this post and the bufsize and numbufs additions seem to have finally fixed my sound issues under Vista.

I think perhaps raybondo could add this info to his post which has been linked to as the solution in all the other threads I found as simply use_dsound=0 did not fix things for me.

I say this because I was about half a minute from giving up and not looking back when I ran across this post.

It's best to keep the information all in one place, and since all the links point here, here is the logical place.
Jul 18, 2008 FreedomBird link
VO works great on my XP computer, but it only ran once with Vista, and now it won't start again. It keeps saying that the updater is encountering a problem, and it can't be resolved. Is Vista really that different that the XP VO won't run on it regularly? And are there plans for making Vista and VO more compatible? It should be noted that I've ran FSX(designed to run with Vista, but also works with XP) and Freelancer (originally made for 98/XP, but is long before Vista) no problem, but with VO the Vista os refuses to work.
Jul 22, 2008 break19 link
The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...

seriously, use the search function.

UAC is the cause of that, either disable UAC, install VO somewhere OTHER than \Program Files\, or run VO as an administrator.

UAC is the worst crap ever thought up. Seriously. I mean, all kinds of apps do self-update, and UAC broke nearly every one of those.. the authors have -all- had to rewrite stuff to work.

Vista's idea of security: Application X wants to modify files in it's directory, pretend to allow it, and immediately restore the files that were updated, resulting in a reversal of the update just performed. Brilliant.

Better idea: If the application is attempting to modify files in it's own directory, allow it.
Another better idea: If the application attempts to modify any file, ask the user to allow it.
Another better idea: When the application is installed, the OS should then ask the user "Allow this application to modify files in it's own directory, like updates, etc? Be aware that this could be a small security risk, but must be enabled for many applications, especially self-updating ones like Virus Scanners and most Online Games."

Best idea of all: Don't use Vista. or Windows for that matter. Use Linux, or Mac OS X.. or BOTH, which I would do if VO had a PPC linux binary, since -my- mac is an older modek G4 ibook.
Jul 24, 2008 MSKanaka link
Well that makes *two* people who would use a PPC-Linux VO client.

So when can we expect one?
Jul 29, 2008 lothos link
I have 64 bit vista, 8gb of ram and I get no issues with my audio at all.
Aug 01, 2008 break19 link
Yea, 2 people. That's like, almost half the active players, amirite?

*chuckle* I kid, I kid. :)

Sep 13, 2008 raybondo link
Yay, Vista sound problem finally solved with update 1.8.36.
VO now uses the native audio system of Vista. All [wavaudio] settings are ignored in Vista if VO is able to use the core audio system. Otherwise it will fall back to wav or dsound. Check out the waverror.log if you want to know which version VO is using. There will be extended information when using native sound.
Oct 19, 2008 Nicoust link
Getting a significantly better frame rate under vista than on linux.

Can collate if anyone gives a damn. :)
Oct 30, 2008 Forboding_Angel link
Vista 64bit ultimate beats xp with an ugly stick. Networking with other OS' is no longer a pain, vista immediately sees other vista comps.

UAC can be a pain if you're a single user, but in that case you can just kill it.

No more BSOD! Now if a driver crashes, it doesn't pwn your entire system. It simply closes the app and notifies you that the driver crashed.

Additionally, if a program crashes, it does not lock up your entire system like in xp, additionally very quickly after an app crash happens, a dialog will pop up telling you what happened and will ask if you want to kill it (the same as killing the process) or wait for it to respond. Additionally ctrl+alt+del is always available regardless of how bogged down your system is.

DX10. In most cases DX10 will nearly double your framerate.

Vista is the first MS OS outside of msdos where you have complete and total control of your operating system. I love it.

A line in the sand had to be drawn between 64 bit and 32 bit. 32bit tech is incredibly archaic comparitively. For example, the max amount of ram you can use in a 32 bit system is 4gigs, max in 64bit is 128gigs. There are a lot of other huge differences. Do a little research instead of sticking with the crowd, you'll get a lot further :-)
Oct 30, 2008 yodaofborg link
Yes, Vista is so cool, that even Microsoft have said "They will try to get it right next time"

Nov 14, 2008 Scottso link
I think the "get it right next time" is intended to mean get it right the next time, the first time, instead of having to wait until SP1. I first tried Vista when it came out and it was a complete and utter nightmare making me switch quickly back to XP and writing it off. But after SP1 came out I gave it another try and now it pretty much is pure awesome compared to XP. I think a combination of all the fixes in SP1 plus all the extra time for drivers to work out their bugs made all the difference.

Seriously, if you haven't tried Vista 64-bit lately, you should seriously give it another chance unless you are on a very old system. If nothing else, you'll have a very good idea of how Windows 7 is going to run on your machine, because fundamentally they are the same operating system, with the same drivers and the same core kernel (among other things).