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Window Mode?

Oct 09, 2004 Tailon link
Is it possible to play this game in window mode!? i cant change any settings unter 'video' options. the 'apply' button just dont get highlighted. i changed everything and i still cant push apply..only ok and cancel :/
Oct 09, 2004 stick link
It's a known bug on all platforms... Just use your arrow keys to change settings for now, Apply button should be enabled if you use your arrow keys...

Oct 14, 2004 raybondo link
You can quickly switch between window mode and fullscreen mode in Windows by pressing Alt-Enter.
Oct 26, 2004 gcsantiago link
yes, but im still have problem in 1024 that the window dont fit the screen but is a bit more big. Just to remember.
Oct 27, 2004 raybondo link
Heh, I forgot about that. I'm not going to bother fixing that anytime soon. It's just not all that critical.