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Behind Proxy Server Help..

Aug 28, 2003 Wombatula link
Oh man, I need some serious advice on exactly what to do. I am at a christian school that blocks a good deal of stuff on the internet. ie: games, violence, weapons, ect. Since the games is blocked there is no way for my vendetta updater to connect. Will opening those two ports on the faq do everything for me or is there a certain address that the network administrator would have to add a gate for to let me connect. When i say open a port i'm referring to the network admin opening those ports on the server. And i'm not sure if you would know this but as well, do you guys know what i would have to do to allow my irc client to connect to There may be a port there i need to open as well as some proxy setting to enter. Any bit of the slightest info would be great. if i don't get this to work...i'm not going to be able to play vendetta for a whole school year!!!! NOT COOL!!!
Sep 02, 2003 Wombatula link
I told him to open the two on the faq, i didn't see three, am i wrong on that?
Sep 02, 2003 incarnate link
Umm, well, permitting the ports and protocols on your school's firewall should allow you to play. They only need to open the ports to our machines (two IPs for the Updater, one for the server), which they can get from their logs. If you send them the snippet from the FAQ, that should be all they need. If they have a Packeteer rate-shaping box, let them know that the latest OS should have a profile for our game protocol.

IRC uses tcp port 6667.
Sep 03, 2003 roguelazer link
OT, But if they block games why would they opem the ports at all?
Sep 12, 2003 Wombatula link
I had the network admin open the ports, but i still can't open the updater. It's still saying i'm not connected.
Sep 15, 2003 incarnate link
The two ports are all that are needed, if he permits them from everywhere. If not, however, he needs to explicitly permit traffic to/from TCP 21024 on and UDP 21141 (game traffic) need only be permitted to/from

Also, if he logs denys and looks at his firewall logs while you're attempting to connect to the game, it should illustrate what's being blocked and why.