Combat in the Vendetta Online universe is a very common occurrence. The Itani and Serco nations are at war, and rogue AI-controlled bots swarm through every mineral-rich asteroid field. Even the UIT corporations frequently attack each others' holdings. You will undoubtedly encounter enemy ships soon after you begin play, so we'll go over some of the basics of combat in this section.


First and foremost, to become an expert at combat, you'll need to learn to control your ship. The basics, like using your leadoff target, are a given. But more advanced techniques like strafing and rolling will make your movement less predictable, which in turn will make it harder for your enemy to hit you. Reference the Flight section of this tutorial for more information, or challenge another player to a duel next time you're online.


You'll have four basic types of weapons at your disposal.

Energy weapons will be your primary choices for most situations. They require no ammunition, which can be a lifesaver when in the depths of space. Energy weapons come in all configurations and price ranges, from wimpy ion blasters to powerful auto-aiming gatling turrets.

Straight-fire rockets pack a powerful kick, but usually require ammunition. Most go off on proximity to their target (so a direct hit isn't strictly necessary), and do area-effect damage.

Homing missiles are also available - these weapons lock onto their targets and track their position, however, they generally don't carry as large a payload as straight-fire rockets do.

Mines come in a variety of configurations, and are useful for traders trying to lose a pirate who's close on their tail.

Other addons, like a repair module or scanner, can be very useful for pilots who are fighting in a group.


You can keep track of your enemies by targeting them. This will help you keep track of their positions, as well as enabling auto-aim and missile tracking on their ships. For more information, refer to the Tactical Display section of this manual.