Vendetta uses a very powerful dual-flight model. By default, your ship is configured to fly in the direction it is facing, like a fighter jet. You can use the throttle controls to set your desired speed, and the ship's computer will automatically calculate thrust so that you move in the direction that you're facing, at the correct speed.

This mode, "Flight Assist Mode", allows a great deal of maneuverability, but for even greater control, you can turn it off and control your ship's movement directly. This disables your ship's auto-thrusters, causing it to behave more like a true space ship. With Flight Assist off, you are not necessarily moving in the direction you're facing. Some people find this disorienting at first -- it is a bit like sliding around on wet ice. Once you get going, you keep moving until you thrust in a different direction. This is invaluable in a dogfight, since you can easily turn around and fire at someone who is chasing you without worrying about them catching up with you.

To help make flight easier in this mode, you can bring your ship to a complete halt by using the auto-brakes. Your computer will automatically calculate the thrust needed to stop your ship.

You can change flight modes in the "Controls" menu, or by pressing the "Toggle Flight Assist" key. Press "F1" while within the game to find out the current key bindings.