The Known Universe

Thirty solar systems make up the world of Vendetta Online. These systems are connected by wormholes, through which all manner of space ships can travel.

As indicated on the map above, each nation has a number of systems under its control. The Itani Nation, marked in blue, controls a long chain of colonized space at the top of the map. The Serco Dominion controls the Sol II system and the systems immediately surrounding it. UIT space is a loosely defined cluster of systems surrounding the Dau system, though many UIT corporations hold territory in unclaimed space (marked in gray).

Solar Systems

Each solar system is divided by your nav computer into a 16x16 grid of sectors, which contain all the space you will explore. Asteroid chains, ice fields, space stations, and the wormholes that connect systems will appear depending on the sector you're in. Check your nav map for more detailed information before jumping.

You can reference the Navigation Interface page for more information.