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Thoughts on fighting.

Apr 23, 2006 Aleksey link
Maybe we should move a pvp arena to some other place? So if you're entering this place it's not for CtC or pirating a wormhole, it's for arranged duels. And we also will have less lags. What about the sector where the Nation War takes place?

Those who tell that Sedina B-8 is just another grey-space sector should understand that we can't have an arena in nation-controlled space and STFU.
Apr 23, 2006 Snax_28 link
I think there's been a few attepmts at that. Unfortunaley B8 is just too ingrained in everyone's brains as the place to find people.
Apr 23, 2006 mcduff link
/me points out that few people even specify what system when they say B8
Apr 23, 2006 roguelazer link
People have tried to change it from Sedina B-8 into several other sectors before. It didn't work. The only time it will change is when actual missions and storyline content make it irrelevant (IE: actual border war in Deneb, convoys like they used to be when IDF participated in 'em, etc.)
Apr 23, 2006 Snax_28 link
IDF? What was that?

Apr 23, 2006 slime73 link
An old Itani guild (that I was in). It eventually merged with IA to create [itan].
Apr 23, 2006 Borb II link
I agree with Harpo.

Backrolling as I have told many of my students has it's place in a fight and is a legitimate tactic. That said I feel it is a poor tactic to win a fight, in a fight you need to be offensive in order to win not defensive. Backrolling is a defensive tactic, but it means your allowing the other guy to make up most of the rules in your fight and thus allowing him to dictate how the fight will roll.

My feeling are about the same with spam. They are ligit, but a good pilot will know how to dodge them, at the same time a good pilot will know how to use them to great effect. Balance is the key here. Me I think 5 shots is too little when I can get some Jacks with 16 shots that will put just as much hurt on some one.

I also heavily disagree with those that think you should play nice in Deneb, that place is all about war, not levels, if you want levels do combat missions like we had to do before BP. Sure the rewards are nice from a BP mission but with those rewards come risks.
Apr 23, 2006 Ghost link
Yeah. And B8 probably won't be moving anytime soon. With the current size of the community, it's necessary to have a kind of agreed upon spot to meet and fight. Sedina seems to be the happy medium between the three nations.
Apr 23, 2006 leapfrog link
I agree completely with Harpo, Lebes, Gavs, and Borb...

'nough said, I guess.
Apr 23, 2006 TRS link
B8 is not a happy medium between three nations. trust me, most itani would much prefer anything closer to home. you can have an arena in nation space, you can duel anywhere anytime. you only need greyspace to fight groups that have high nation standing. I don't care what you use B8 for, just understand that all uses are secondary to the itani/serco ctc war. if you get in the way, your in the way (read: boom).

Anyone that thinks using swarms is skilless should pack some and warn a top dog fighter your coming. when you can rack some kills, talk, untill then....

you can turn c10 into a war if you want, but all your doing is slowing down the low levels. in an all out war i supose anything goes, but otherwise perhaps a little lame. where is your name on the ctc boards?
Apr 23, 2006 Ghost link
C10 is not being turned into a war, it IS a war. The reason the devs put border patrol in there in the first place had very little to do with a new way to get levels (though this was needed as well). It was more for some new content and to try to create some tension on a border where there used to be no real conflict. Also, low level players will learn much more from fighting experienced players a few times as opposed to botting for days on end. Will it slow their lvls down? Probably, but it will help them learn how to fight much quicker and better as well.

As for greyspace, it's supposed to be dangerous. It's nice if you're honorable. If you're not, you'll get ganked due to making large quantities of people angry. Hence it rules itself in a way. There used to be witch hunts for Arolte because of the tactics he used.

B8 became what it is due to CtC. Now, however, most people I see just let the bots go by so the sector doesn't lag up and interfere with the pvp going on. As for it being a happy medium, well, I'm Itani. It's one extra sector from the middle of grey, that's like an extra minute or two. Would I prefer it be closer? Sure, I'd love a change of scenery, but I don't think it matters that much. There's so much beautiful artwork in vendetta and in comparison, B8 is rather sparse. But what matters is that a small community finds a spot in a large universe to interact with eachother. Attempting to move that place by means of anything other than new content would just result in spreading the community thin. Once some new content comes in, I think the community will become more focused in other areas on its own. I can't wait for the day when the universe is full enough that you'll run into people to fight all over greyspace and not have to congregate in one area.

As for backrolling, meh. As has been stated, just turn off autoaim and practice your aim. The thing most people fail to realize is that while they're backrolling at 500m, you may not be able to hit them but they sure as hell can't hit you either.
Apr 24, 2006 yodaofborg link
B8, meh, Latos H-2 is teh place to be! Less lag, no crappy ctc bots, and a nice big ice-yo for those who like fighting round stuff! (i've been saying that ingame now for over a year >.>)

Backrolling in a 3 v 1 and the prom pilots call you lame? I think as said already, they were prolly more upset at themselfs for not being able to pop you, rather than at what tacticts you used. (imho, against a one prom, holding your distance is a good idea, specially if its the uber lame agt+flares combo) so meh, whatever Harpo, keep on rolling away, my flares will still eat you! :D

Deneb C-10 is a warzone, its your mission, should you chose to accept it, to clear the sector of enemy presense, by any means. Its not a duel arena, or a place to level, its Border Patrol.

Hmm, I had something new and unique to add, but I forgot what it was, heh
Apr 24, 2006 Sun Tzu link
Hmm, I had something new and unique to add, but I forgot what it was, heh

It is the 14th thread about backrolling/ganking/proms/swarms/spammers/B8 and nothing new and unique has been added for months.
Apr 24, 2006 Borb II link
I would like to point out, though the Itani like to complain about Sedina being far, they should also note that for the Serco C10 is far.

It all evens out in the end.
Apr 24, 2006 TRS link
Quote: Borb II "I would like to point out, though the Itani like to complain about Sedina being far, they should also note that for the Serco C10 is far."

If you mean far from the nearest station, then I will have to agree with you. Itani is 1 jump (+ ion skipping), Serco is 2 jumps.

If you mean far from every where else, look at the map. itani has what? a dozen systems to cross? serco has eight?

You may have a point, depending on what your point is. But let me point out, that the fastest way to C10 from B8 is across serco space. I would have to go and count how many extra jumps it would take to go via itani space.
Apr 24, 2006 Borb II link
Every one goes to Deneb via Serco space except for the few that can no out run SFs. That was not my point.

My point is in Deneba dead Itani can die, get a new ship, and be back in C10 in around a minute or less. A Serco has too fly to a WH, jump, then away from that WH. It takes about 3 min or less. In those 2 min allot can happen in a fight.

Also the Itani station is better equipped then the Serco station.

Also Serco can not move ships to Deneb as the Itani can in Sedina. As I sait it all evens out.

Oh and one more thing, in C10 if one is playing BP they have to have low faction, where as the B8 jockeys can have good Serco faction and get proms or SVGs at the same pace as the Serco.
Apr 24, 2006 Shapenaji link
I've got no particular issue with backrollers, you just turn autoaim off, like Kix said. However, anyone who backs off intelligently should NOT be hit. Rolling gives a very easy pattern to predict, what bothers me is the patterns that are more difficult to predict.

Luckily no one uses them... but theoretically, that might annoy me.

The fact is that weapons don't work so hot outside of about 150 m, unless your target is predictable.

It seems that the best way to get away from people is backing off outside of turbo.

It seems a bit too easy to disengage. When I fight against 3 or more people, I can just keep disengaging, and then tagging the lazy ones.
Apr 24, 2006 sarahanne link
heh I read the thread title as thoughts on FISHING LOL

I thought the devs had finally caved in an released the bass, bass, space fishing update.
Apr 24, 2006 mcduff link
Iv'e wondered for some time now if the travel time from itani station in edras to b8 gets annoying for all the valk pilots out there. Perhaps there should be an Akanese supply depot in pelatus or something that would make it alittle more even. as for the deneb problem perhaps there should have been one more system between geira and deneb as a war zone but its far too late for that now.
Apr 25, 2006 Ghost link
I hear once they fix the factions, there may be a UIT station added in Sedina. Can anyone confirm this?