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Thoughts on fighting.

Apr 26, 2006 mcduff link
"If UIT expand into grey space, they ought to secure Latos and free it of its pirate presence (meaning stations at wormholes, so SF can help traders) before even considering Sedina."

Has anybody else pointed out that the UIT has 0 stations in Azek? Sure there are TPG stations but there is no station at either WH leading to DAU. You could fly stright to the UIT Senate with out encountering any UIT stations along the way. So maybe the UIT should first secure their own systems before going into any more grey space systems.
Apr 26, 2006 genka link
Well, gee ghost, didn't mean to insult you there. Least of all insult your pettiness.

My point was merely that if you want people to listen to you and respect you, it would probably be a good idea to avoid vague and subjective standards like what warrants "making a run for it."
Not clarifying your position, as you did, only makes you look like someone that's simply not aware of the possibility of other opinions, or perhaps assumes we can selectively read your mind.

The worst part being, this whole thread is about posting your opinion, not what you've derived based on your opinion. But I'm glad we've got your clarification.

At any rate, back on topic:
This topic was stupid when it first came up in the "goodawlddays," and it's still stupid today. If you are really that desperate for people to appreciate your opinion, why not pimp it ingame, where people can actually see if you practice what you preach?
Apr 26, 2006 Ghost link
Don't worry genka, you didn't insult me. I've long ago stopped taking what you say seriously.

"If you are really that desperate for people to appreciate your opinion, why not pimp it ingame, where people can actually see if you practice what you preach?"

Unfortunately, I agree with genka here. This is perhaps the wisest thing I've ever heard him say.
Apr 27, 2006 Snax_28 link
"Either that, or he's a [edit Warning 1 RR]" .

haha, looks like RR lost count and ended up back at 1 again..

"John, what you fail to understand is that ghost is itani, and as such, is incapable of understanding that someone's opinions or standards might not be the same as his own."

In the future, I shall be sure to denote which specific alt I have in mind at the time of posting, whether it be Itani, Serco, or UIT. That way you can shape your bizarre little insights accordingly.
Apr 27, 2006 genka link
Don't worry, you're one no matter which of your "characters" you're posting as.
Apr 27, 2006 LeberMac link
[Forgery of my initials deleted]
Apr 27, 2006 johnhawl218 link
always retry!!!

Might as well lock it now too since it's gone completely off topic.
Apr 27, 2006 Snax_28 link
One what? Not a very good effort at "clarifying your position". Perhaps you mean Itani? Or maybe you're referring to the stereotypical stubborn Serco? Or better yet, the money grubbing, analytical UIT merchant!?
Apr 27, 2006 softy2 link
I think he meant that you are a Canadian.

As opposed to, say, a Russian.
Apr 27, 2006 RelayeR link
[locked due to being totally south]