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Thoughts on fighting.

Apr 23, 2006 csgno1 link
Debneb C-10 to me is a war zone where anything goes. That being said, if a serco just wants to kill bots for points/levels and not be bothered by me, send me a message and I'll usually comply. I have been accused of ganking in C-10 which can happen in a war zone, if people view this area differently than me lets talk about it.

Sedina B-8 to me is an arena, unless attacked first I'll try to get permission from people to fight them. I realize that this goes against some players ideal of roll-play. My suggestion is that each player (character actually) decide for themselves if B8 to them is an arena or not and behave accordingly and consistently. This will allow other people to adjust to your presence accordingly. People that want to have it both ways when it suits them are sometimes unhappy about the way they get treated there. For example pirating in B8 then later getting upset because they were in an arranged fight and they get attacked from their earlier victims.

Backrolling to me is a legitimate technique. People have complained to me about it, but I think if I want to be farther away because my weapon is better at range than yours, that's just the way it is. Some pilots are better when up close, I don't feel that I'm required to play to my opponents strengths. I backrolled a lot recently in deneb when fighting a cent and three proms at once, and I can claim that I was not too far away since I got two of the proms. But boy did I get complaints. Yes the fight takes longer, that's war sometimes.

Swarms to me are just another weapon, one that is only really effective against bigger ships. Lately I have been using them in deneb against proms. I don't feel as if I'm taking unfair advantage because these are folks taking advantage of the fact that they have proms and I don't. This often gets me complaints and insults, but sometimes they come back in a different ship so I think it's effective. Some folks say that the prom is not the big advantage that we all make it out to be. My answer is that with an alt I have used proms, and with it I have challenged some prom jocks that I have never beaten, and if I beat some of them easily is says something to me.

I'd like to hear from people with different philosophies or suggestions.

Apr 23, 2006 Taljin link
I agree

I agree

I'm not a big fan of back pedaling. It just is'nt fun to fight someone who constantly goes backwards. If someone is backpedaling , I usually break of the fight , it's just a waste of time. I think reverse should be slowed a bit , or they add directional thrust.

Missle spam away, I have no troubles with it. Although I do think it would be nice to see chafe added to the game.
Apr 23, 2006 KixKizzle link
I love it when people backroll.
They're the easiest targets.
Apr 23, 2006 Blacklight link
I also agree on the first 2.

And like Taljin, I dislike backrolling. It makes fights seem forever and that gets boring after 5 minutes. I either start backrolling myself or just end the fight right there. But I can see why you would have to use it if you are getting double-teamed or triple-teamed, but on a 1-person fight, I just don't think you should have to back-roll so often.

Swarms are okay with me. Its just that if you fire your entire load and then run away, then that pisses me off, instead of staying for the fight, even if you miss all of the shots.
Apr 23, 2006 ufoman link
Backrolling kinda sucks, but if someone feels good with it, I have no right to tell him to stop.
And it takes some skill too. Sometimes it's one turbo and guy goes boom...
Apr 23, 2006 Whistler link
I agree on all points. I look down on backrollers, though I suspect that some pilots are not backrolling on purpose. When faced with a backroller, I just put on the brakes and let them drift out of range a few times. This either frustrates them or tips them off that they need to fix their heading. Either way, I often get a few free shots in while they turbo toward me.
Apr 23, 2006 Snax_28 link
Not to try and derail this anymore, but I don't necessarily have a problem with backrollers either. Like previously mentioned, if they're the kind who like to sit at 550m and spam, then I'll usually give it a few minutes, then disengage.

But the people who engage you, backroll their way to Sol, then call you a (insert high-school-level insult) on 100, are the ones that I hold little to no respect for.

Swarms, meh. Swarm-boats are easy kills, long as you are aware of where the little blue buggers are.
Apr 23, 2006 zamzx zik link
And as long as *I*'m not flying it :D

Anyway, backing up could use a small nerf, so it accelerates 20% slower (going backwards) and has a speed cap of like, 55 for a corvus vult, 30 for a rag, ect.
Apr 23, 2006 genka link
I look down on people that feel they need to outline their thoughts and ideas point by point, instead of making them obvious through what they do.

Particularly when it's something as obvious as your opinions on combat.
Apr 23, 2006 Lord Q link
generaly speeking i don't care much about what tactics people use against me. my philososphy is only an idiot expects his enemy to fight fair.

i do however dislike the players who hail you with a message like "Hail" or "greetings" and then expect that to have been a fiar warning that they wanted to fight. i don't mind if you're using it as a feint, but if you honeslty expect people to interpret your hail as a challenge change the message so that it actualy is a challenge.
Apr 23, 2006 Snax_28 link

Genka: STFU.

[I question the relevance of this link]- SarahAnne.
Apr 23, 2006 genka link
I dunngetit. Did you perhaps mean to link to the first post in that thread, where I do in fact enumerate my objections to your shitty little guild having my name?

Or do you really mean to say that in asking Kteln what the obstacles in his way of changing the name of your shitty little guild I am trying to draw attention to opinions which should be obvious from my actions?
Apr 23, 2006 csgno1 link
Genka, it's not obvious by the reaction of some.

Apr 23, 2006 csgno1 link
Lord Q, my hail says 'hail' and what I personally mean by that is 'Hello'. I have experienced what you refer to and I agree. I'd rather they said nothing before attacking than something friendly :)

Apr 23, 2006 softy2 link
Look, it's genka! Hi genka! Miss ya!
Apr 23, 2006 genka link
'ello, 'ello!
Apr 23, 2006 Nya13 link
why people are focusing only on the backrolling?

i agree on the first 2

i am so bored to see all this anti-gameplay and anti-roleplay.
that's why i am a pirate and i shoot at everybody in greyspace.
(yea my RP concept is far different than most of the current vo community.)

sedina b8 is a greyspace area. it's not a meeting hall where people come to t'chat and to do consensual duel.
it's same for all the greyspace zones.
Apr 23, 2006 krazyivan link
I think that any of the players who have good fighting skills can kill someone whether they backroll or not and don't need to backroll themselves. (I still backroll a lot)

War is war and I have no problems using swarms for CTC or when I'm trying to get past pirates where my objective is role playing and not just trying to kill others at the moment. When it comes to the kind of PVP that often happens in B8 or Deneb C10 though, where people fight die and come back to fight each other over and over again swarms aren't cool. Especially if the spammer runs away after he runs out of ammo. If you're going to spam, at least carry one energy weapon and stand and fight until you die. (In a b8 or c10 type situation.)

The big danger with things like swarms is us getting dependent on them and trying to end up with better missile guidance systems and turning into the US Air Force. It's philosophy is to be undetectable by radar, shoot a missile long before you and the enemy see each other and the enemy can't dodge the missile because it can outmaneuver any jet. For real life where you don't want to die, I can see wanting to use that strategy. Not for VO though! VO is about fighting more like the WWI/WWII days with dog fights using machine guns. It's about people trading greetings/insults then watching the other's ship and adapting during a fight...not shooting the other ship without ever seeing it. If we as a community get into the habit of using fire and forget missiles like swarms, we're going to want improved ones and maybe (heaven forbid) the devs might give in and let us have some eventually. That would make combat in VO stupid. The best players I have encountered in this game don't use swarms anyway.
Apr 23, 2006 TRS link
C10 is a border skirmish. The primary purpose in being in C10 is to rack up kills to finish a bp mission. In this light, any way you can rack up another kill towards a bp mission is a good kill. You can however show some honor in C10 by allowing you opponent to get in at least a few kills per apperance, either by allowing them to kill bots and/or by your self fighting to the death and making sure your death is to a opposing bp'r. These issues are more important when dealing with low level players. The greatest dishonor you can commit in C10 is using explode or intentionally dieing to a bot when there are enemy bp'rs present.

B8 is not a border skirmish, it is a war zone between serco and itani ctc'rs. All other uses of B8 are optional and incedental.

Backrolling is only one of many posiable manuavers, and if you couldn't do it, every body would be complaining about some other "lame" manuaver. I will laugh my self silly if I ever hear of two or more gankers complain about a backroller. It is too easy for multiple gankers to turbo around the flanks and box an enemy. Complaining about backrolling is the same as admitting you have a serious defencincy in the tactics department.

Swarms weigh a ton (or two). As far as I'm concerned, if your carring swarms you better dump them and run, because the first real dogfighter you meet will rip you up. If you can't dog fight, swarms may be for you. If your ship is going to weigh a ton without swarms, then go ahead and carry the swarms too. Most serious dogfighters are only mildly annoyed by swarms. if swarms are causing you problems, you need to examine your ship/equip selection and/or your tactics/skills.

did i miss anything?
Apr 23, 2006 LeberMac link
I'll back up Harpo 100% on this one.
At the time, harpo was the lone itani pilot doing BP, against three medium-to high skill-level Serco pilots. Two of them had proms (although, admittedly, one was using megaposi and not AGT).

When it's just Harpo in a cent versus 3 other pilots, anything goes. And it would not have mattered where he was, his tactics are legitimate.

I think he's just being overly sensitive to the whines of some certain serco pilots who, due to their lack of skill in cornering an opponent in a 3-on-1 situation, choose to announce their displeasure and lack of skill on channel 100 rather than changing tactics.

THAT's what I find odd. I mean - I'll do some (hopefully funny) taunting and mocking over 100 a little more than occasionally, but it's all in good fun. But this kind of namecalling is borne out of frustration and is aimed at the player.

Calling a pilot with the skill of Harpo a backroller is kind of like telling LeberMac he can't hold his liquor.