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Thoughts on fighting.

Apr 25, 2006 zamzx zik link
No, but that should happen, and it would make sense, since UIT's founded gray-space.
Apr 25, 2006 softy2 link
I agree with *hole goldclaw.

After all, I believe the Europeans founded the Americas.
Apr 25, 2006 LeberMac link
I want space-fishing licenses!
So I can be 12/13/13/12/10/6 - level 6 Fishing License allows usage of Dentek Fishing rod with xithricite lures!
Apr 25, 2006 leapfrog link
Luckily no one uses them... but theoretically, that might annoy me.

LOL! Shape, you kill me... :)~
Apr 26, 2006 CygnusX link
UIT going into Sedina before Latos? Doesn't sound like a very smart move if you think about support trade routes and such going through _two_ pirate holes.

If UIT expand into grey space, they ought to secure Latos and free it of its pirate presence (meaning stations at wormholes, so SF can help traders) before even considering Sedina.

But that was off-topic! My thoughts on fighting is that backrolling is a legitimate technique, as are flares, but making PvP battles tedious and boring (backrolling and swarm spamming can do that) is bad. It all depends on the situation, every weapon has its legitimate uses. The only thing that really annoys me are people running from a fight if they are about to lose.
Apr 26, 2006 LeberMac link
Or /exploding, but, those days are over thankfully.

Running from a fight they're about to lose? Well, if they do that then I'm sure you'll make a big deal of it on 100 and then feel better, right Cyg?

Truthfully, those who run from fights that they are about to lose get a rep for doing that, and they are ganged up on by the community, so it kind of polices itself.

And just to sum up, Harpo is no backroller.
Apr 26, 2006 johnhawl218 link
"Truthfully, those who run from fights that they are about to lose get a rep for doing that, and they are ganged up on by the community, so it kind of polices itself."

And this is why the community is full of a bunch of whiny bitches. If you can't get the kill that's your own sad fault, follow after them. The game has been set up to facilitate the killing of a person who is running. Both at the wormhole with the removal of the invincibility protection, and with the delay of sector jump. Both of which were also bitch moves and nerfs to the game that made it worse for wear.

And commenting on it on 100 is the weakest thing you can do. Might as well just [edit-RR Warning 1] right there, cause that's pretty much what your already doing. Sad, the whole lot of you.
Apr 26, 2006 Shapenaji link
No, the game facilitates killing someone who is engaged, and then tries to flee.

And to be totally fair, it doesn't even really facilitate that. Anyone with any modicum of intelligence should know that if someone is following you, you don't go in a straight line and then jump, you lead em on a wild goose chase till they don't have enough energy to kill you, then jump out.

If you want to make engaging totally voluntary, well, I guess that's your prerogative. But I think there should be consequences for engaging someone. Once you decide to do it, you should realize that its going to be harder to extricate yourself from the situation.
Apr 26, 2006 johnhawl218 link
Yes, hard to extricate is one thing, adding in stuff to make it even harder is another, and not needed imo. I understand why in some cases its nice to have, like when someone is spamming and running, BUT, even then, the whole reason for the need for it is based on an opinion that the tactic being used is unfair. But it's not unfair, it's a perfectly viable tactic and one that can be effective if done correctly.

But for someone who engage someone else, then comes to find out they are not up to par and decides to bail, should not all of a sudden be penalized further then getting their ass handed to them by there opponent. If the opponent can't get the job done in time then they are free to follow, but making arbitrary delays, while your totally vulnerable is not a good solution.

Yes, there are workarounds to it as you mentioned. but they shouldn't have to be worked around to begin with. And I'm not saying all this cause I run all the time, I do run, not all the time, and I've had plenty of people run on me. Personally, I find that when someone runs, it's just as good as if someone dies. /explode was an exploit, and still is, but not in the same way (still free transport).
Apr 26, 2006 Shapenaji link
Fair enough, but it begs the question about what we're fighting about in the first place.

If we're fighting for a strategic advantage, which can be gained by someone leaving the sector, then that's fine. But it seems to me that right now the game is built entirely on actually getting the kill. (with the exception of various events, where additional rules are often included)

I think that perhaps this will become less of an issue if maneuverable turbo is instituted, so that running and chasing become more interesting, right now, the window to kill someone is rarely there once they start running.

I'd also agree with you Re: Channel 100. Lambasting someone for running on a public forum really doesn't accomplish anything except pissing people off.
Apr 26, 2006 Nya13 link
i known a runner but all of you lick him.


probably the best runner i never seen.

but he has too many friends in game and very hypocrit losers to cover him.
Apr 26, 2006 johnhawl218 link
Nya13 most players in vo are hypocrits, thats just the nature of the community.
Apr 26, 2006 Hoax link
I admit I like Niki, and I agree that most players myslef included are hypocrits; But, I never, ever, EVER licked him.
Apr 26, 2006 Ghost link
I've never known Niki to run from a situation that didn't warrant it.
Apr 26, 2006 johnhawl218 link
"warrenting" is such a subjective term, the simply fact that niki has is enough. Everyone has at one point or another for various reason. Why should anyone be forcably denied.
Apr 26, 2006 genka link
John, what you fail to understand is that ghost is itani, and as such, is incapable of understanding that someone's opinions or standards might not be the same as his own. It's a genetic disease common to all itani, called "takingus ownus thoughtsus to be factus." It is a terrible national tradegy. Even fellow itani suffer at the hands of this nation-wide affliction.

Either that, or he's a [edit Warning 1 RR].
(The fact that most of the other itani are too could be coincidence. Right?)
Apr 26, 2006 johnhawl218 link
Look at it a different way. Do you run from bots if your at 5% health and you've been botting in a ship that's only available 3 systems away and is high priced? And is a PC ship really any different OTHER then the fact that there is a player on the other side? The goal and gains are pretty much the same, kill for xp. If it's not going to happen, leave. plan and simple.
Apr 26, 2006 Shapenaji link
The bots don't leave though, otherwise how would you fight them?
Apr 26, 2006 KixKizzle link
The bots sometimes do run shape....
For about 300m.
Then they turn around and forget what they were doing.
Like shootin goldfish in a bucket.
Apr 26, 2006 Ghost link
You can always tell when genka has run out of things to say because he resorts to petty insults. Either that or attempts at generalizations about a race that... well, doesn't exist. And just to clarify some things up genka, whether a person runs or not is not an opinion, it's a fact. You may as well argue that in your "opinion" 1+1=3. It appears in your eagerness to insult me you've forgotten your definitions again.

Back on topic, all I meant to say was I, personally, have not seen Niki run in a situation where he was not being doubled or ganked.