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Looking for 3 or 4 more pilots to start a guild.

Nov 08, 2012 freeman987 link
Hello everyone and thank you for reading this. I posted a similar thread awhile ago and all you "vets" tore it to pieces with their great sense of humor. Anyways here I go again. I currently have a total of 6 pilots including myself wanting to form a guild. We are all fun and more than willing to help out. Answer any question you have. Our answers wont be like you find when you ask the world chat for help. We are a mixed lot of farmers, traders and fighter pilots. Our fighter pilots do not pirate and don't attack unless attacked first. We want to expand our game play and experience all of what VO has to offer. So please consider. And to the first 4 pilots that step forward, there will be a open seat on the council so you will have a say in how the guild will be run. Thank you and if you are serious about this please respond to this thread with your VO user name and I will seek you out, or my lieutenant will contact you. Thank you again for reading this.
Nov 08, 2012 Pizzasgood link
Good luck.
Nov 08, 2012 freeman987 link
Thanks pancrust
Nov 09, 2012 Savet link
I'll throw you an alt to help you get it off the ground. Message me in-game on Savet Hegar and we can coordinate the details.

Once you are up and running, I'll withdraw the alt.
Nov 10, 2012 freeman987 link
OK cool. I have 9 so one more. Sweet thanks. Guild TIME!! Wish me luck!! Ill need it im sure.
Nov 10, 2012 TheRedSpy link

All new Serco Guilds can apply on the forums to recieve:

A free directory listing for their guild
A free sub-forum in the forums
A free sub-domain, for example:

We can also help with a number of in-game development tools such as plug-ins or graphic work depending on the specifics of your guild.

For more information on how to get started with your Serco guild, contact us in-game, on the forums or on #RED
Nov 10, 2012 davejohn link
Aye , hope it works out.

Really, is it just me that finds the idea of TRS telling vo how to organise a successful, long lived guild rather funny ?
Nov 10, 2012 TheRedSpy link
Well ecka I get a great weekly lesson!
Nov 11, 2012 freeman987 link
Umm. Thanks TRS for the info and tips...Were NOT just a Serco guild its the Intergalactic Industrial Traders. I got about everyone still having doubts about 2 pilots so the spots are essentially open and Savet hasnt been on while i am. So the 3rd is open...So far its San Ottar (lieutenet) Omwyfiz (2nd lieu) Podtop ,Silance ,Zarconis Ninex, @ 2 still working on Combat. The third spot is still open.
Nov 13, 2012 Captain86 link
If you can't find them in game, or get someone to create an alt you probably won't find them, unfortunately

Unless of course, you find someone who does not play the game and get them to play. So you can fill your guild.

And with that, of course I have to look down at my feet and shake my head after all this time as we search high and low for players and find 7 total participants in Deneb on a Tues. if you happen to be on at the same time as they participated.

It's just sad, seriously

I'll check back in a couple months or so

See you in world of tanks with the rest of the world
Nov 13, 2012 Phaserlight link
I'm not sure where you are getting that number... but that's an odd way to critique the game. Did you even log in, or were you just stopping by to lest us know about your game of choice? Deneb is kind of an unusual setting; seven players might be considered a lot*. A better idea would be to check the "Coming Events" section of the main website and on the login screen, and try showing up to one of those.

By the way, you won't see me in World of Tanks. That's a lobby game. I'm more interested in virtual worlds.

*it may not be, either. I'd rather hear about 70 players, or 7,000; it sounds more exciting. Nonetheless, it still strikes me as a fundamentally odd way to judge the game. Seven would be a lot of players in a doubles tennis match, or on a back-country snowboarding excursion. At face value, numbers may tell a very different story than experience. However, since I would rather avoid dragging this further off-topic that's all I have to say on that matter.
Nov 13, 2012 Pizzasgood link
He's just a troll. He got tired of sending the devs on wild goose chases over his imaginary bugs, so now he's just popping in every week or so to wave his socks around and babble about how he won't be around for a few months, despite showing up again a week or two later.
Nov 14, 2012 freeman987 link
I wish these were all pilots wanting in a guild. Still at
Nov 14, 2012 Kabuloso link
So... 3/4/2/2/1 still learning to play, are accepted?

The Forum says its 06:05, but here is 10:05 now.
Nov 15, 2012 LeberMac link
If you still do not have a guild yet as of 11/16 I will login and join your guild to help you get it off the ground.

You said "We are all fun and more than willing to help out. Answer any question you have."
I will need a lot of help since I rarely am able to pilot my ship out of the hangar while sober.

You also say "And to the first 4 pilots that step forward, there will be a open seat on the council so you will have a say in how the guild will be run."
That's great, since I was a founding councilmember of [ITAN] and that went really well for me.
Well, OK. maybe not.
Oh! But I was a councilmember of [CLM] and that went really well until.. oh yeah let's forget about that, too.
Wait! There was that time when I was council in [PA] and that... oh yeah.

Well I'm sure I'd be a really good councilmember in your new guild.


OK I logged in Fri. nite and you were busy in Deneb, but I will try again sometime this weekend to see if you are and and still require my assistance in setting up your guild of awesomeness.

P.S. I can't fly to Deneb as I am KOS with both Serco & Itani. Well I could try but it would take a Herculean effort and I'm just too lazy.
Nov 21, 2012 LeberMac link
Dude, freeman987, gimme your ingame handle and I'll try to find you over the weekend, cause I'm super interested in helping you form a guild.
Nov 21, 2012 ryan reign link
Leebs, did you add PA to guilds you robbed blind?
Nov 21, 2012 LeberMac link
Technically I didn't "ROB" [PA]... it was more like I accidentally left credits lying around unguardced and [CLM] happened to manipulate the situation into a profitable one for them and an unprofitable one for [PA].
Nov 22, 2012 ryan reign link
And after I vouched for ya to get into PA! Good job, keep up the good work... you will always be welcome in Bractus.
Nov 23, 2012 blood.thirsty link
"you will always be welcome in Bractus."

meh just shoot him, if ye dont know why, he probably does : )