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A look behind the scenes...

Dec 13, 2016 fraspezializ link
Want to know what your Vendetta looks like? Look no further...

Post a real-life picture of yourself. (include a sign with your character name on it if you wish!)

-This is meant to be friendly and fun.
-Name calling and teasing is not welcome here! Please be civil!
-Nudity is not allowed........................................................................(post it anyway!)
-(sunglasses recommended)

format= character name, picture
Dec 13, 2016 fraspezializ link
Dec 13, 2016 Ore link
my bae <3
Dec 14, 2016 Eyvindr link

Dec 14, 2016 Pizzasgood link
Rin Ganborro
Dec 14, 2016 Niki link
that's obviously photoshopped rin. here's the original:

Dec 15, 2016 somote link

Dec 15, 2016 Whistler link

Dec 15, 2016 greenwall link
What an attractive lot!
Dec 15, 2016 Inevitable link
Whistler's MS paint skills almost rival that of genka's. Is that you whistler mocking people by playing a tiny violin with your right hand while deleting rp posts with your left
Dec 15, 2016 Whistler link
I originally made this in the style of the MS Paint War thread as an "artist's" composite of what I imagine other people imagine Whistler to be. It's interesting that when I post a self-effacing image, it gets read as mocking.
Dec 15, 2016 Inevitable link
Whistler, every aspect of that picture is amazing. Good work
Dec 16, 2016 BigNasty317 link
Whistler your missing the trademark behind the soon.
Dec 16, 2016 Luxen link
Dec 20, 2016 neon black link
Dec 21, 2016 Inevitable link
Cheers to frasp, rin, and whistler for posting real life pics. My spank bank will be full for days.
Dec 21, 2016 Whistler link
I confess that mine isn't real life. My chair isn't that nice.
Dec 22, 2016 joylessjoker link

Yes, I do make music.
Dec 22, 2016 aaronund link
If I could understand Russian, Dolby Surround (Cоседи) would be pretty good...
I guess I have a new appreciation for my favorite internet troll.
Dec 24, 2016 genka link

Cats are tricky