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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Jul 12, 2005 Bidoc Teagage link
alias +speed "+Decelerate 0;+Accelerate;bind MWHEELUP -speed"
alias -speed "+Accelerate 0;bind MWHEELUP +speed"
alias +slow "+Accelerate 0;+Decelerate;bind MWHEELDOWN -slow"
alias -slow "+Decelerate 0;bind MWHEELDOWN +slow"

bind MWHEELUP +speed
bind MWHEELDOWN +slow
Jul 15, 2005 Bidoc Teagage link
Does anyone know of it is possible to bind like this;

alias +blah command1
alias -blah command2

bind keydown +blah
bind keyup -blah
Jul 19, 2005 tumblemonster link
This allows you to toggle your primary and secondary fire triggers. You have to set up group 1 and group 3 as one set, and group 2 and 4 as the second set. I use it to toggle Flares to energy on my primary fire, so I can take advantage of the autoaim for both depending on the situation.

alias wepswitch "wepswitch1"
alias wepswitch1 "Weapon1; Missile1; alias wepswitch wepswitch2; echo 'Weapon group 1 Activated'"
alias wepswitch2 "Weapon2; Missile2; alias wepswitch wepswitch1; echo 'Weapon group 2 Activated'"

bind <Whatever Key> wepswitch

Special thanks to Elrad for his help. (The VO manual is out of date. usuing weapon3 and weapon4 no longer works!)

Dec 08, 2005 Cunjo link
umm, tumble I tried it, and it doesn't work... it swaps to the second weapon group, but the aiming reticle remains affixed to the original primary weapon, and not the new one...
Dec 09, 2005 tumblemonster link
I know it works, I've been using it for months. Make sure you assign your weapons to the correct triggers. Example:

A valk with 2 n2s and flares:

Primary Fire 1: N2s
Secondary Fire 1: Flare

This will cause the N2s to use the autoaim recticle. Then set:

Primary fire 2: Flare
Secondary Fire 2: N2s

Then when you use the bind it will switch your primary fire and use the Autoaim recticle for the Flare.
Dec 09, 2005 Celkan link
Clever, tumble. Very very clever. I'll put that one up on the wiki sometime over the weekend.
Jan 01, 2006 Wes link
I'm telling you, it doesn't work - for me anyway. I set it up to swap railgun with energy.

Ragnarok setup:
Primary1: front-L megaposi, left-S neut II
Primary2: center-S Railgun MK II
Secondary1: rear-L megaposi, right-S neut II
Secondary2: front&rear-L megaposis(2), left&right-S neut IIs(2)

when the weapon groups are toggled, the railgun will fire on primary, but the reticle remains with the lead in the megaposi/neut speed range. at a constant rotational speed around a stationary target, the lack of change is obvious because the reticle does not move to close the lead - at all - when the weapon groups are switched. Whenever firing the railgun, the reticle leads the target by too far, and firing into it will cause you to miss by a significant distance - you can't effectively use the rails.

I've tried the same thing with a railgun/neut, and a railgun/sunflare hornet, and with the same result - only the Primary1 group weapons will work with the autoaim reticle, even after swapping groups with the bind.
Jan 01, 2006 Cunjo link
err, above post was me... on my brother's account. (when was he using my comp on the forum? oO)
Jan 01, 2006 Chikira link
Strange question.. What the hell is a bind...
Jan 02, 2006 RelayeR link

You can bind keystrokes to commands in Vendetta Online. This thread is full of examples of simple binds and elaborate aliases/binds.

In-game, type /bind and you get "bind<key>[command]". Some have gone to extremes by aliasing commands together (giving them a distinctive name) then, binding the keystroke to the alias.

This method can accomplish quite a bit, from a simple toggle (turning something on and off) to Eldrad's (not Roguelazer's) amazing ZOOM!
Jan 03, 2006 MSKanaka link
Oh, for those of you who like to transfer between channels fairly often...

Toggle: alias chtog "chtog1"

Setting 1: alias chtog1 "join x; alias chtog chtog2"
Setting 2: alias chtog2 "join y; alias chtog chtog3"
Setting 3: alias chtog3 "join z; alias chtog chtog1"

Replace x, y and z with channels of your choosing (I recommend 100, 11, and a channel that perhaps your guild uses, or just channel 1), and then you're all set.

If you want to add more channels to the cycle, just rename chtog3 to chtog4 and then add another alias for chtog3 that sets chtog to chtog4.

Feb 06, 2006 Person link
Just posted another one on the wiki:

It let's you control your distance and lateral thrusters during combat even with FA off. So if you want to go in for the kill, you press your forward key and you start going forward. If you get scared of someone's rockets, you press your backward key, and start going back. To stop doing either and maintain constant distance, you press another key, (default /).

Hope it helps!
Feb 22, 2006 slime73 link
Whenever I paste any of the binds posted here in my wgaf.cfg and play vendetta, they don't work! Then I go back to my wgaf.cfg and they have all dissapeared! Please help a (kind of) noob out.
Feb 22, 2006 roguelazer link
Vendetta can't be running when you edit wgaf.cfg... It overwrites the file on quit.
Feb 22, 2006 slime73 link
I edit it when the app is not running, but when I start Vendetta up, I can't use any of the binds, and when I go into windowed mode to see wgaf.cfg, all of my custom ones are gone.

How do you get the binds to work if it gets overwritten all the time?

A question - would it be possible to alias a key to do a downwards-180-roll (you end up facing the opposite direction in the same orientation but slightly downward)? If so, could you tell me how to do it please? ;)
Feb 23, 2006 Pyroball link
There was a bind on the first or second page i use alot: the zoom in and out binds for the scroll wheel. I wanted to know if someone could also bind my scroll wheel to lower the mouse sensitivity as you zoom in. Without this new bind, it becomes damn near impossible to keep your bearings as you zoom further in. Thanks for your help guys and thanks for all the work you've put in so far. It makes the world of VO a much better place.
Feb 24, 2006 roguelazer link
Mouse sensitivity is set by the variable in config.ini sensitivity. That variable can't be edited from the console. Unless one of the devs changes that, I don't think we can do what you ask.
Feb 24, 2006 Cunjo link
try making a duplicate of the wgaf.cfg file and naming it something else (like your character's name.cfg) and pasting the binds into them. Then, in-game, type /load <filename>
so, if you named it slime73.cfg, you'd type /load slime73.cfg
it will load the cfg file and overwrite the wgaf one on exit.
Feb 25, 2006 Pyroball link
ok thanks rogue
Apr 05, 2006 LXj link
How can I bind Alt, Shift or Caps Lock?