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Request 100 access on Discord

Apr 30, 2024 Factor Fett link
Factor Fett
Apr 30, 2024 Ganza1967 link
Apr 30, 2024 Asana-Po Clavios link
Username: Asana-Po Clavios
In-game: ChampionModeKD
Discord: kirbs
Discord ID: kirbs2302
I know its been done already but I need to redo it as I left the server
Apr 30, 2024 Luxen link
Done, again
Apr 30, 2024 abuyasmin link
May 02, 2024 Factor Fett link
Discord ID: factorfett
Pilot Naame: Factor Fett
May 02, 2024 Ganza1967 link
Requesting the verified pilot and event notify roles

Discord ID: Ozen#6468
Discord nickname Ozen
Pilot name: Ganza*
May 02, 2024 Luxen link
Ganza, nicknames are going to be the same as your provided pilot's name. That's been applied.

Factor Fett, applied.

Abuyasmin, *on hold*

edit: people can have _1_ discord registered. I'd be happy to move your roles, but I won't be giving you multiple accounts regardless of if you behave or not, that's a precedent i'm not setting.
Jun 08, 2024 Sarief link
Request verified pilot
IGN: Sarief
Discord: .sarief
Jun 09, 2024 Luxen link
Gotcha, Sariel~
Jun 10, 2024 Bombpenguin link
I would like to request a Verified Pilot role on discord
Discord ID: Bomb#0863
Pilot: Yettan-Po Yoman
Jun 12, 2024 Luxen link
Discord no longer searches users by their "Salt", and has a different ID system now. I can't find you - could you repost with your current discord ID?
Jun 15, 2024 cakespy123 link
Discord Name: cake
Discord ID: cakespy123
Pilot name: cakespy123
Jun 17, 2024 Luxen link
Cake, Done. 🎂
Jun 25, 2024 Conflict Diamond link
Discord name: CD
discord ID: .conflict_diamond
In-game name (wait for it...): Conflict Diamond
Jun 26, 2024 Luxen link