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Request 100 access on Discord

Jan 11, 2024 Luxen link
Ganlaan, you're now verified~
Jan 12, 2024 Newerr link
Newer-the-travler (newerr)
Jan 12, 2024 Whistler link
You are now verified as newerr
Jan 13, 2024 Okakoka Pretodis link
Can I Please Get Veirified On Discord?

My Name Is: @mrwolfy_yt
Jan 13, 2024 Luxen link
Please provide your pilot name, Wolfy
Jan 14, 2024 Okakoka Pretodis link
Okakoka Pretodis
(I don't know why, but I can't change it, i want too change it and replace it with WOLFY)
Jan 14, 2024 Luxen link
K've PMed you how to open a ticket and get a name change, or just using a different pilot slot...

Anyways, done. I've kept your name as wolfy for now, since you're intending to get it changed, but i'll need confirmation of that at some point.
Jan 14, 2024 Okakoka Pretodis link
Ok, and thanks😊
Jan 17, 2024 Luxen link
Name has been changed to WOLFYrealYT22 to match in-game pilot name.
Jan 23, 2024 ArkayRK link

Jan 23, 2024 Luxen link
Done. Welcome back, Arkay
Jan 24, 2024 Omeg Aracer link
Discord Name: jpwg
Discord ID: .jpwg (new) or jpwg#9734 (old)
In-game name: Shias Engin

Please change Discord Display name to Shias Engin too.
Jan 24, 2024 Luxen link
Jan 25, 2024 Kralilia Ferretia link
Discord Name: Grímr
Discord ID: grimmnl
In-game name: CpnGrimm
Jan 25, 2024 Luxen link
Jan 27, 2024 ericbue link
Requesting verified pilot please
Bikaka001 or Bikaka; ) on discord
Bikaka Pretolus in game
Jan 27, 2024 Luxen link
Jan 31, 2024 Qal'a link
Request to become a verified pilot & event notify

Discord ID: qalatimur
Pilot Name: Qal'a

Thank you o7
Jan 31, 2024 Luxen link
Done~ Welcome to discord too, as I see you're new on the platform!
Feb 05, 2024 bfsqtch link
Is it possible to change my nick on discord to the character I'm focused on now?

Discord ID: bfsqtch
Old Pilot name: Ralia Protick
New Pilot Name: Beefy SpaceBear