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Lightning mine range is really f***ed up!1!

May 26, 2003 Urza link
I've felt soemthnig was wrong for a while. Once you get locked by a l mine, it's liek you cant get out. Now i see why.

I just saw a ship (TS1's i think) get locked onto by a L mine. He must have gone over 1000m away before blowing up. There was no lag. IT's like they dont know when to stop

Devs, please look into this.
May 26, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
If the person who laid the mine lags, so will the mine, leathal decided to lay some lightning mines, if i fly 2k away from them, i will still die.

May 26, 2003 Arolte link
Yeah, the radius is just way too big. I've seen a single bolt extend for what seemed like 600-1000m. It was insane.
May 26, 2003 Whistler link
I *thought* I saw that happen. That's an old bug that seems to crop up every few versions. I tried to test it last night and it seemed to be working normally. Maybe I'll try again tonight. Anybody from blue or gold wanna donate some time a nd a bus or 3?
May 26, 2003 ctishman link
I'll create a blue or gold char to test some time. When would be good?
May 27, 2003 a1k0n link
Yes, the lightning mine sucks.
May 27, 2003 Whistler link
I tried it again with some "volunteers" in 2. Seems to be working correctly, but I still hold that the range was screwy within the past week. I hate when I can't prove it.
May 27, 2003 raybondo link
Like Lemming said, lag could be a cause of the lightning mine snafu.
May 28, 2003 Urza link
would it help if i pointed out that unlike in pervius versions, lightning mines CAUSE a ton of lag?
May 28, 2003 a1k0n link
Yes, it would help us immensely to make up statements about lag.
May 28, 2003 Arolte link
a1k0n, I can't tell if that's sarcasm. Is it? Maybe not. Hmmmmmm. Hehe.

As posted above, I have however seen a lightning bolt extend from 600m-1000m or somewhere around that distance. This was on a cable connection with no lag. Maybe the victim was lagging, but I doubt it. I didn't see his ship skip around after departing the station. I guess the only way to find out is to go around mining every neutral station to see players get zapped a lot. Muwhahaha!!
May 30, 2003 Arolte link
Well, I saw it happen again. I mined sector 18 station to collect a couple of bot kills, as they were buzzing by, and some red trader tried to leave the station. I told him it was safe because he would be invulnerable for five seconds, and that my mines were located at the top of the station only (which was true). Well... moments later I saw "xtal was killed by Arolte" up at the top of my chat screen. I looked around to see where he died, and there I saw a huge pile of cargo that stood AT LEAST 800 or 900 meters away from the station. Somehow a lightning mine bolt managed to extend that far to kill him. Thankfully the victim was a good sport about it.
May 30, 2003 ctishman link
That's what you get for botting. :P

Honestly, though, Lightning Mines should really go, and be replaced by something whose effectiveness is not based so extensively upon a good network connection. Perhaps little turrets?
May 30, 2003 Arolte link
Hehe, cluster bomb mines would kick ass, but would probably be too deadly. I think an awesome weapon for traders would be the EMP mine. Nonlethal, but a good way to get pirates off your back.
May 30, 2003 ctishman link
Y'know, that would be very workable. Expand a sphere that takes, say 250 energy from anything in a 150m range.
May 31, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
Better yet, for an EMP mine, have it follow your ship, when you activate it it will constantly drain energy, 100 energy per second, and the sphere expands at 20 meters per second, mmmmmm.
May 31, 2003 ctishman link
Well personally, I'd rather that an EMP mine follow THEM rather than me.
May 31, 2003 Suicidal Lemming link
Jun 01, 2003 ctishman link
The same reason I'd want an attack dog chasing them instead of me. It's more effective that way.
Jun 01, 2003 Urza link