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On the Removal of Friendly Fire: Request for Comment

Oct 04, 2007 JestatisBess link
I say keep FF to many Itanis want me dead :)
Oct 04, 2007 MSKanaka link
And whose fault is that besides your own?
Oct 08, 2007 Capt.Waffles link
I don't want you dead JB, but I do what to shoot you, at you, toward you, give you a stern talking to...
Oct 08, 2007 Lord~spidey link
i would love to have FF removed
Oct 15, 2007 JestatisBess link
Seriously i think if friendly fire is removed it should only be removed in grey space. In any nation space, especially your own, FF should still stand. That should stop noobs from getting killed or somone accidentally losing there hard earned nation standing.
Oct 15, 2007 Lord~spidey link
its hard to "accidentally" kill someone in this game
Oct 15, 2007 JestatisBess link
I don't know how many times i had someone targeted or no one targeted and accidentally hit the wrong button and let out a few swarms. I'm sure it happens to the best of us.
Oct 15, 2007 Lord~spidey link
not many people let alone have them equpped in nation space
if i remember there is a way you can put a safety on weapons

if your just half vigilant you wont unload a swarm volley on someone and any ship that cant run away from a swarm volley would prolly have enough armor to survive a head on volley

there is another thing

i remember Agy with itani standing camping at Deneb K-5 i was trading with Cantus in an XC Agy would keep chasing me at Wh and getting me really weak when i docked it was very difficult to pilot without doing 1% of damage I did manage to dock but barely
Agy pretty much made me lose a shitload of credits and got away with it

anyone can do this its a great way to grief people and a real pain in the ass

devs please fix this :)
Oct 15, 2007 mr bean link
at least lower the amount of standing you lose if you kill an itani pos person in itani space. id hate to lose all my itani standing if aflare or swarm somehow killed a fellow itani with the splash damage.
Oct 17, 2007 Lakche Seisu link
I think that's the point, mr bean. One's not supposed to be fine with killing someone from your own nation. Faction points aside, it ought to cause a great deal of guilt anywho. No doubt someone who does have a habit of friendly killing will learn not to with such a system, one way or the other.
Oct 17, 2007 speeker02 link
That's a good point, Lackhe - Removing restrictions of FF could require pilots to be more tactical about how they fly and fight.
Oct 17, 2007 Lakche Seisu link
Oct 20, 2007 JestatisBess link
But accidents do happen i would hate to go from +900 to -1000 itani standing just for hitting a wrong button and killing a fellow itani or guard bot.

I think the lose in faction should be the same as the ones for sub fations. 300 points per incident. I think any more would be over kill

Oct 20, 2007 PsyRa link
The solution to Nation space "accidental" kills is not to have make it impossible, nor is it to reduce the penalty.

What is needed is a choice be available to the killed player to forgive or not, much like the re-purchase ship dialog.

This way anyone deliberately being a pain can suffer the usual consequences, while someone who is accidently involved in friendly destruction does not suffer, provided the offended player is forgiving.
Nov 06, 2007 SuperMegaMynt link
On the topic of newb killin', I heard that a certain UIT fellow got blowed up during the mining tutorial. Maybe those should be moved to the capital sectors, or renamed "first mining mission" to avoid giving a false sense of security, since most tutorials in most games are pretty safe.
Mar 29, 2008 roguelazer link
So, how's the implementation of this coming, incarnate?
Mar 30, 2008 Azumi link
yeah, spill the beans.

It is very annoying (and shallow) that as a pirate, you have to tank your nation standing. I won't do that, and it feels stupid to let phat juicy traders run around grey without any opportunity to help them to lighten their purses.

Please remove it ASAP, we won't kill the newbs for say like a month. Well, a week.
Mar 30, 2008 samuel.penn link
If you're attacking traders of a given nation, your standing with that nation should drop, regardless of where you are. Possibly it should drop less in some areas than in others, but it doesn't make sense for standing to be completely unaffected.

If you could do it without leaving any witnesses, then you could get away with it. However, in Vendetta getting killed just means you teleport back to home station, where you can immediately report who killed you. The flip side of this, is that since death is only temporary, 'killing' someone is closer to vandalism than murder, so a big drop in standing is probably uncalled for, and accidents are more forgivable.

Apr 01, 2008 ingoguy15 link
I find that, after tanking a standing, it is rather hard to get it back. There needs to be an easier way to regain faction standing, perhaps with a mission of some kind.
Apr 01, 2008 moldyman link