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New Addon/Ship Suggestion Thread

Aug 24, 2018 Heini link
Sep 05, 2018 XxBadWingxX link
Id love to see another layer or two in our combat strategies, like rep flares/mines for some aoe heals, maybe another port such as modules for pro/cons, balance em individually, faction standing based so much you could do, and maybe FIX WHAT WE HAVE like conc raails and annis concussion being nil. Conc rails could even have just the conc of a star flare or something but should have it.
Sep 08, 2018 Luxen link
large port plasma weapons arent supposed to have concussion, and conc rails are a manufactured item [despite appearing in the store where they don't belong]. Also, dont put your suggestions here; create new topics instead. See how everyone else merely links their suggestions here? >.>