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Top Ten Things To Create Fun In VO (without the Doom)

Nov 01, 2009 Brawnydt link
As mentioned by Inc, here's a thread to share your thoughts on the top 10 things that can be done in VO to increase the fun factor of the game.

So go ahead and list the biggest change/addition you'd like to see in VO that would increase it's overall fun and enjoyability. Remember, the smaller and simpler (or at least simpler seeming..) the change, the more likely it is that it may actually happen soon.

If we get some good ideas, maybe we can tally them up in a week or two and see where the community stands on what we'd like to see the most!
Nov 01, 2009 peytros link

oh a player owned stations with system soverinty would be nice
Nov 01, 2009 Aticephyr link
Edit: formatting etc redone.

The following is in no particular order, except the order in which the things entered my head:
1) cargo scanner & cargo scanner blocker.
2) AWACS and Sensor mines.
3) A non-exploitable bounty system would seriously pick things up.
4) Radar should re-aquire formerly occluded targets. //Edit: seems to already be in the works
5) Let's get the new storms up and running, and start phasing out the old random storm types. (may be more than just a quick fix, but I really like the grey fog I've been seeing in some test sectors).
6) Adding more escort missions that go from serco/itani space to grey and lowering the number of inner-nationspace escort missions.
7) Let's drop friendly fire restrictions in all but the newbie zones. This may require seriously beefing up the capital sectors' SF presence.

Less than easy to implement:
8) Cool energy management stuff. Possibly related to cloaking or reducing radar signature or shutting down weapons etc.. I've made a few posts on this subject before (I think the title is "Warming up weapons" or the like).
9) Player owned stations.
10) Faction/economic redux.

Edit: added #3 and deleted a suggestion regarding dynamic lighting.
Nov 01, 2009 Death Fluffy link
Sorry Atice. I am in a VO can kiss my ass kinda mood today. Lets see.

1. The cargo scanner which has been suggested many many times.

2. Stop trying to 'force' players into Grey. Let human nature or rather 'greed' do the work. As I have expounded upon elsewhere, Grey space is not currently a great place to trade- even without the pirates. Redistribute the stations and change some of their types, so that the best trades happen within 1 or 2 wh jumps. You might make a few routes that do very well at 3+ wh's but thats pushing it. As I have stated elsewhere, the so called enhanced routes fail because they don't hold interest and the same amount can be made in less time doing the honeybee.

3. Make the best proc missions require a trip into Grey space. This is what the majority of your so called 'traders' are doing anyway as they are working up their faction standings.

4. Make some of the national (Itani and Serco primarily) escort missions go into Grey or UIT space.

5. Give adequate rewards for players participating in the border conflict. Perhaps rank players on successful completion of missions and the difficulty thereof and design a pay scale that benefits higher players based on their rank. I realize that the border missions are currently broken, but my char has gone from a net worth of around 3 million to under 200,000cr in the few times I've played them.

6. Was it my imagination or did the Border battles get more action when they had a set day / time? I've never been much of a nationalist, so I may be mistaken here.

7. Increase the number of wh's and link more systems as discussed elsewhere.

8. Improve the AA for all weapons. I am starting to agree with the many complaints that fights take too long. Not that it matters to me. Since I've gotten cts from playing VO, I can't manage more than 2 pvp fights in a row anyway, so this one can be scrapped.

9. Dying should mean something.

10. Credits should be needed and worth accumulating. There needs to be more cost of doing business, goodies to be accumulated.

11. Nation specific weapons should be worth fighting to use. Being able to buy a lifetime supply is rather silly.

12. Simplify trade or exchanges between players as discussed in other threads.

13. Reduce the level grinding. Keep the licenses around so players have a sense of accomplishment, but non achievement items should be purchasable by all- if they can afford them. I've never had a car dealership tell me I couldn't buy what I wanted because I don't have Driving 12 or Fuel Economy 16 Or Defensive 2. Nor have I ever been denied a gun purchase because I'm still working to get my Haven't Shot My Wife 8. I understand the need to have it in place to focus new players on learning the basics, but come on, the only remotely difficult part of VO, apart from levi lag, is the pvp learning curve.

14. Move the station at Geira O4 into Deneb and make Deneb Grey.

15. Stop using nerf as the solution to every problem. Get creative and find better ways to fix the game.
Nov 01, 2009 maddikp link
Fixing the stuff that's already not working right as opposed to adding more stuff that doesn't work?
Nov 01, 2009 Aticephyr link
maddikp... care to elaborate? I haven't seen much that isn't working, aside from the whole "different ships have different storm exits" thing. Occlusion is working 100% for me now.
Nov 01, 2009 Death Fluffy link
The border missions are still borked Atice.
Nov 01, 2009 Aticephyr link
Ah. Good point... I don't make my way up there often.
Nov 01, 2009 Impavid link
I should be working right now, but I'm in a VO mood and Nation War is an hour away and I'm finishing up the Beginner's Guide (finally) instead and here is my top 10 in no particular order (PS: I've chosen to include only items which I believe already have game functionality to support. Obviously I could be wrong)

1. Group escort missions with counter missions - We've already got group gathered mission/counter mission dynamics in the Border Skirmish and Border Patrol missions. Escort missions are the logical first step, since we already have the much more complex second in place.

2. More Turret Weapons! - Adding the turret ports to ships was AWESOME, but as it stands, pretty damn useless. whip out 5-10 turret weapons for us to toss around and balance them as we go, just like we do with everything else.

3. Avalons - We want to take down the Cap ships! It's nigh impossible now without the support of enemy turrets at WHs. Make them expensive but available. Obviously, cap ships will need to be carrying cargo for a million dollar missile to be worth firing, but damn is it ever worth firing!

4. Make it possible to buy back sub faction standing - I borked my Xang Xi and I'm willing to pay the 30 million to get it back (I'd make it cheaper though), but I'm completely not willing to do 700 escort missions to Xang Xi stations.

5. Unique Widget drops - These don't necessarily have to be one-of-a-kind, but a batch of very-low-odds unique widget drops would be one of those little things that people can have fun spending a lot of time trying to acquire. Bonus points if you don't tell us you've done it. I enjoy how the dev communicate with us, but at the same time we need some surprises to keep things exciting!

6. Trunk Monkeys

7. Give East grey a couple more stations - Edras and Pelatus have no redeeming qualities.

8. Make the Valent Bots more useful - People make them and never bring them out to play. Give them more firepower and armor. (AI fix too, although I know that breaks my "already have functionality" rule)

9. Give me Unaligned Faction damnit! Don't wait for the big mission tree, just offer a "renounce citizenship" Mission and GO. Alternatively, make it freakin AUTOMATIC. If you get KOS with your home Nation you automatically turn grey.

10. Ammo Widgets - Ok now I know I'm probably breaking the "already have functionality" rule, but we have in battle repair, we need in battle reload as well.
Nov 01, 2009 ladron link
10. Ammo Widgets - Ok now I know I'm probably breaking the "already have functionality" rule, but we have in battle repair, we need in battle reload as well.

The best way I've ever seen this implemented in any game is the X series (specifically X3 Terran Conflict, I haven't played any of the others). In that game, you equip launchers for ammo weapons (which can be missiles, mines, rockets, mass drivers, or whatever) and keep the ammo in the cargo hold of your ship. That makes sense on so many levels - the mass changes from firing rockets are automatically accounted for, you can carry more rockets in a bigger ship, etc. I'd really like to see ammo-bearing weapons re-implemented in a similar fashion in VO.
Nov 01, 2009 maddikp link
The economy and Border Skirmish Atice. The levi sectors crashing as the kill was about to be made was really pissing me off but I think that got taken care of...

Nov 01, 2009 Death Fluffy link
Well, as far as the overall economy, I believe we agreed that since it was such an ongoing argument that we wanted the whole thing at once rather than in bits and pieces as the devs got stuff done. That doesn't mean their aren't areas that need improvement outside of that though.

Oh and ...

16. Create a lengthy, elaborate and impossible to complete mission tree for Impavid to renounce his citizenship :P
Nov 01, 2009 incarnate link
maddikp: what about Border Skirmish, specifically? Maybe link to a separate thread for that? Otherwise it'll take over this one, and I'd rather this stayed general to lists of lightweight things different people would like to see.

We're going to made Tridents respawn in Small skirmishes, but I really need some up-to-date input on BS, we'll be looking at that again soon. So.. yes.. separate thread, please.
Nov 01, 2009 Death Fluffy link
I've posted the issue I had with SS last night to bugs.
Nov 01, 2009 CrazySpence link
My top thing to make VO awesome is for the funny quotes thread to actually have funny quotes. --Completed

Thanks Fluffy
Nov 01, 2009 LeberMac link
Inc. - Here's where that "project roadmap" or the devwiki would be immensely useful, at least players could see what was about to happen, and you wouldn't have to deal with this kind of "Where is VO going" kind of question...

I'd like the devwiki to read (in order of priority):
1. Squash existing bugs/oddities
2. Perfect pathfinding AI for both bots and capships, create interface for players to pilot capships (a la Homeworld2), make those ships available as well as a method for docking them.
3. Perfect the Deneb warfare system, and make it apply to other systems as well (Geira?)
4. Develop "station" AI for controlling economy & faction
5. Economy & Faction Redux (With grayspace-aligned players, and a trading economy a la EVE)
6. Crafting & player/guild-owned Stations
7. Universe Redux, new systems/pathways/sectors/etc.
8. Custom ships - engines/weapons/powercells/unique items
9. Game events that involve the players and have effects on the unfolding history of the VO universe.
10. Allow players to purchase drones/bot ships of their own that dock/undock from their ships.
11. Improve the mission editor so that we can add graphics, add our own widgets, have persistent characters, etc.

There. That should probably take us through 2012. The world will end then, anyway. >:P
Nov 01, 2009 PaKettle link
A countdown timer to Doomsday would be good.....

Fixing old PCC bugs and issues would also help.

And there was some other thing I wanted them to do....

Cant remember what it was. Darn senility.
Nov 01, 2009 vIsitor link
I can't help but wonder if releasing Tridents to player control right now with the standard piloting interface, and then swapping it out for the planned Homeworld-style one later, would be a good idea? They're quasi-flyable, at least, and they'd see the most use as support craft anyway...(although the docking problem remains a bit of an issue, despite the intended nose-in-dock design).
Nov 01, 2009 incarnate link
Leebs.. this thread is for "small and simple" suggestions, not "redo the universe, economy; add crafting, landable planets, ponies". Stuff like "cargo scanner" and "add more turret weapons", etc.

vIsitor: I've considered it. There are some options, but a lot of player-cap stuff currently does not work (like visible, destructable external turrets, if a player is controlling the ship). Anyway, we'll continue to look at that as things evolve.
Nov 01, 2009 ladron link
If it isn't too gory, could you explain why having a player-flown ship makes fully-functional external turrets impossible? I've been pretty curious about that since you first mentioned it a little while ago.

I think Tridents (and probably Teradons as well) would be pretty flyable in their current state... the tridents I ride on seem to handle like a loaded moth. I already fly around in them and use their turrets to take out other convoys, it would be even better if I could have a real pilot on the bridge so we could steer the damn thing where we want rather than spawning and aborting 80 convoys to get one going right where we want it to.