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Update Guild Info Here

Oct 26, 2020 SilverAce link
please modify

<center><img src= "" width="50%"></center>
Oct 26, 2020 Whistler link
Sorry, usually I correct for the oversize on my own - but I was using my phone at the time.

I have corrected it with the below, as I usually do:

<img width="100%" src=""></img>

but I could use your 50% version if you want the logo smaller.
Oct 27, 2020 SkinWalker link
Please update the following:

Eldunari to member
Zophiel to LT

Oct 28, 2020 Whistler link
Nov 28, 2020 SkinWalker link
Please update the following:

Zophiel to member
Hawkfeather to LT

Nov 28, 2020 Whistler link
Jan 13, 2021 greenwall link

Arkay to Council
Teni to Council
Jan 14, 2021 Whistler link
Jan 15, 2021 Marmot Rambler link
Heloistist ans gretist gretings after money monts!

Weist Hass recently mades moves into spaces ans are no longings in Ethiopia aneys more! We likes to make the new name: Enigmatic Dukes Invoking Thalassocracy


Click Here to make change of wonderment
Jan 17, 2021 Whistler link
Done, with all due wonderment
Jan 22, 2021 Marmot Rambler link
Derest Wissler,

the naming changes of EDIT dids notes go thru!

Saddist dais!

Jan 23, 2021 Whistler link
I did seem to revert for some reason. I have repeated the process and then reloaded every which way. It should stick now.
Feb 16, 2021 capt.tightpants link
Please move Thulsa Doom to commander. Thanks
Feb 17, 2021 Darth Nihilus link
Got this knocked out.
Feb 17, 2021 SkinWalker link
Please make Hawkfeather Council and Lieutenant from just Lieutenant.

Feb 18, 2021 Whistler link
Feb 23, 2021 DazeDreamer link
Hello, I need to inform that our Commander of New Breed Pirates (NBP) has abandoned the guild without appointing a Commander to succeed him. Council & Lieutenants have decided that I DazeDreamer shall be the successor and take Command of our guild to continue our mission in our VO role play and gaming experience. I have attached our Guild page for you, to show that we are indeed without a Commander. Please help us to fix this issues so that we may remain together and move on from our loss. Thank you!, for your help it is greatly appreciated! :)
Feb 23, 2021 Darth Nihilus link
Mar 02, 2021 Hive Queen KZ-4506h link
Requesting update for the tag of hive guild: [0101] -> [BEEP]

Humans shall suffer. BEEP.
Mar 03, 2021 Whistler link
Done. Sometimes it takes few days to propagate to the game.