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Update Guild Info Here

Nov 08, 2021 Whistler link
Done. I assumed Sieger would retain his council seat, and is now council and lt.
Nov 08, 2021 greenwall link
correct, and thanks!
Nov 25, 2021 SilverAce link

Can you replace Rodello-Wa Solenk with Rodan-Po Tuder in council spot?
Nov 26, 2021 Whistler link
Dec 21, 2021 SilverAce link

Please remove inactive player Fweet from council to member
and move RiseOfExegol from member to council to fill that council spot.
Dec 21, 2021 Whistler link
Dec 27, 2021 babymanblitz link
Guild name change

SercoBorderGuardians>Dovah Company

Dec 27, 2021 Whistler link
Done. You will keep the [SBG] tag?

And next time please include link for faster service:
Dec 28, 2021 babymanblitz link
Guild name: Dovah Company

tag Change SBG > DVC

Dovah Company
Dec 28, 2021 Whistler link
Done. It may take a little while for the change to make it to the VO universe
Jan 07, 2022 Mr.Kruger link
Could pretty please turn this into to BOAT? Thank you ill try to say less bad words.

Guild Name: BOAT

Guild Tag: BOAT.
Jan 07, 2022 Whistler link
OK. The tag may take awhile to propagate into the universe. It may not happen until the next server reboot.
Jan 07, 2022 Mr.Kruger link
Brilliant. Whistler genuinely you are a darling.
Jan 19, 2022 Two-fisted blow of Oernon link
Hi Whistler,

Please change our logo to:

<center><img src=""></center>
<b> Until all Serco are silenced. </b>

Thank you so much,

-Two-fisted blow of Oernon
Jan 20, 2022 Whistler link

The image was a bit large, so I revised to:

<center><img width="100%" img src=""></center>
<b> Until all Serco are silenced. </b>
Jan 24, 2022 Mr.Kruger link
Hello again Whistler. Turn this into not a BOAT. Its a little soon to be asking again so many apologies.

Guild Name: Reed Mining and Trading Consolidated

Guild Tag: RTMC
Jan 25, 2022 Whistler link
Done. Once again it may take awhile or a server reset to change the tag in-game
Jan 25, 2022 Mr.Kruger link
Thanks Whistler. You do a good job bruv.
Jan 29, 2022 haxmeister link
is it possible to add an <iframe> or a <div> for things like a discord widget?
Feb 01, 2022 Whistler link
Nobody has ever asked or tried before! I tested <iframe> successfully. <div> did not appear to work, but post what you are going for and let's see what happens.