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Update Guild Info Here

Feb 02, 2022 csgno1 link

Please remove Ezra Nightwalker as LT
Please add Itani Silencer as LT

Thank you
Feb 02, 2022 Whistler link
Done. Please include the link to the guild in the future - makes it easy for me to make corrections from my phone.
Feb 17, 2022 Jank0s link
hi whistler,
pls update council / LT in [GREY]

council and LT ~Assassin~
council and LT -=STF=-

pls update new Guild home-page

thanks, MR. Fu
Feb 18, 2022 Whistler link
Feb 19, 2022 Jank0s link
Feb 21, 2022 Whistler link
Feb 27, 2022 Jank0s link
ty Whistler.
Mar 07, 2022 greenwall link

Please elevate B.L.K-Unity to co-Lt. with Sieger
Mar 07, 2022 Whistler link
Mar 16, 2022 greenwall link
This thread is getting very long..

Alas, please demote BLK Unity to member status (remove LT):
Mar 17, 2022 Whistler link

It is a bit long. I'll Make a new one soon.
Mar 19, 2022 DeathSpores link
Ahoy Whistler

I need the following changes to

Capt'N Blood --> member
mamu --> commander

Hoist da colors high -->member
Dirty 'oRe ---> Council and Lieutenant

Monkey Jack ---> member
Mikoka Shandia --->Council and Lieutenant

Mr Cotton's Parrot -->member
agimat --->council

Oh Bummer ---> member
tl;dr --->council

Uncle Bloob --> member
v$v ---> council

Mar 21, 2022 Whistler link
Apr 11, 2022 tjgaming8324 link
Please add this guild description & image to -

Image link -

Description -
This is a guild based on seegson corporation from the game Alien isolation who were randomly hostile to people. You never know if we will attack you or not. There are a few rules every member must follow

Never get out of character. If you are role-playing as a robot, you cannot talk in 100 like a human.

You cannot ask anyone for any payments as this is sort of a pirate style guild. If you need money, go do missions, kill voys for cargo & stuff.

For joining, you need to message me in game. Whenever you see the message "Interested in our Working Joe android range? Talk to Seegson" in 100, means you are free to message me & ask for guild invite.

Only trusted players will be accepted in the guild... Anyone who I think can't role play properly will not be able to join the guild.

For role play we have 2 types you can choose from -
Working joe android (robot)
Seegson employees (humans)

Apr 12, 2022 Whistler link
Done. In keeping with the original instructions for this thread: "Try to keep your guild description in-character whenever possible. Avoid mentions of "game", "players" and so on. Substitute instead "universe", "pilots" etc.." I made some edits to your description.

I'm not sure how long an image from tumblr will last, so you may want to consider a hosting site such as Imgur instead.
Apr 12, 2022 tjgaming8324 link
Rgr... Thanks Whistler!

BTW that thanks at end of my previous message was for you & not a part of description :)
Apr 14, 2022 Whistler link
Apr 17, 2022 Lord~spidey link
Itan guildpage needs fixin' :

If you don't like imgur for whatever reason I can host it elsewhere.
Apr 18, 2022 Whistler link
Done. Imgur is fine so long as the link is to a supported file type.
Jun 26, 2022 tjgaming8324 link

Seegson Corporation doesn't account for any actions by its employees. You can do whatever you want as a Seegson employee as if you weren't even guilded. Joining gives you the benefit of having trusted friends ready to help you with anything at all times.
You don't need to worry about being kos to people or getting the guild kos either.... Guild kos would only matter if we even cared which we don't. You are free to do anything to anyone, anywhere

Add this to guild description. Ty