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Update Guild Info Here

Apr 17, 2019 Spiderbait link
Hey Whistler,

Could you please update the SCAR guild according to below:

Please remove all previous council members and replace with these cats:

Bothes Odanandis, Krakosha, Dralines, Ralitol, Mithehn, Mothena, Milin, Brolish, Bekata

Click Here For Guild Page
Apr 18, 2019 Whistler link
Apr 19, 2019 look... no hands link
Evnin whistler.

Can you please move "Bidi Baba" from LT to member?
Apr 19, 2019 look... no hands link
Also, I forgot. Can you move Jigoku to council, and move Azumi to member?
Apr 20, 2019 Whistler link
Apr 22, 2019 capt.tightpants link

Please add this image and description. Thank you sir.

Description As below except plain text:

Oye, Beltalowda.

Listen up.

This is your Captain, and this is your ship.

This is your moment.

You might think that you're scared, but you're not.

That isn't fear.

That's your sharpness.

That's your power.

We are Belters.

Nothing in the void is foreign to us.

The place we go is the place we belong.

This is no different.

No one has more right to this, none more prepared.

Inyalowda go through the Ring, call it their own, but a Belter opened it.

We are the Belt.

We are strong, we are sharp, and we don't feel fear.

This moment belong to us.

For Beltalowda! Beltalowda! Beltalowda!

Apr 22, 2019 Darth Nihilus link
Apr 23, 2019 chillum baba link
Guild Name: Free Navy [FN]
Picture: black flag with white text from

Bidi Baba CO
-Calico Jack- LT
Filip Nagata LT
Johnny Knoxville LT
Painted Black LT
AI_ITO Council
Baba the Hutt Council
Emperor Kain Council
Jekyll Council
MagUidhir Council
Mylphim Council
The Creation Council
Root Baba Council
Sukadev01 Council
Sukadev02 Council
Sukadev03 Council
Sukadev04 Council
Apr 23, 2019 Whistler link
Apr 23, 2019 capt.tightpants link
Please add this website link:

Could you also clean up the text spacing and adjust the image please.

Thank you sir.
Apr 23, 2019 Whistler link
Apr 25, 2019 chillum baba link
Please update Free Navy [FN]:
Diogo Harari Council
pistachio Council
The-Warden- Council

Thank you
Apr 25, 2019 Whistler link
Apr 26, 2019 chillum baba link
Hey, can you remove Council from Jekyll and Diogo Harari in FN please?

Apr 26, 2019 Whistler link

Please remember to include the link to your guild, it makes things much faster for us.

I also moved Diogo to Lt per your online request.
Apr 26, 2019 chillum baba link
Sorry, will include link in future.

Thank you, sir
Apr 26, 2019 chillum baba link
Please make Sukadev05-09 Council.

Thank you
Apr 29, 2019 Camzure link

AIR, Aerospace In Reciprocity.

We are a guild that aims to create a healthy positive environment for our pilots. We wish to help our pilots level up, and explore the universe with the support of a strong leadership and pilots.

We may expand into other ventures in the future, however our aim now is to become stronger and better pilots.

Message one of our Lts ingame to join, or join our Discord here.

Add this to the guild description please whistler, thanks
Apr 29, 2019 Whistler link

Removed "ingame" reference.
May 02, 2019 Camzure link
Hi Whistler,

Remove uR m0mA from Council and add Strike Force TA-8271a to council.