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Guild Software F@H Team

Jun 17, 2005 Hoax link
I'm adding you to my F@H KOS list then Beolach ;) Don't get too close!
Jun 17, 2005 Beolach link
You're soy_bomb, Hoax? It'll be a while before I catch you. Long enough for you to forget, and become complacent, and unwary. ;-)

I'm moving up! Highest scoring 3 work units!
Jun 20, 2005 who? me? link
oh no! momerath42 lost a processor!!

Jun 21, 2005 momerath42 link
Heh.. actually I reinstalled on one of my boxes, so it registered as a different one.
Jun 21, 2005 AlienB link
I have a pair of Opteron 246's on the way. Shake in fear.
Jun 22, 2005 Hoax link
Settle down Mr. 45th place =P
Jun 23, 2005 Hoax link
/me throws yodaofborg at momerath42

Maybe this will slow you down!
Jun 25, 2005 Unknown player node link
Actually, one of the systems that was down has just finished its third unit!, then i realised i had forgot to put the team info back in, hehehe, be back in 9th soon :P
Jun 25, 2005 tramshed link
Id join in but my systems are all already overworked, and my room is plenty hot as it is.
Jul 09, 2005 momerath42 link
Well, looks like I'll be up with the other devs in 2 months:) I'll also be whippin your butt in 2 days hoax ;)
Jul 11, 2005 Hoax link
Arg! I did hold on to 9th place though! Moved up a notch just in time. Ha, you're the only one not listed as a conquest above me. Beware the Momerath!
Jul 14, 2005 Beolach link
I've moved to a new apartment, and my stupid phone company keeps telling me my DSL isn't ready yet, so I've got this nice big work unit, that's been all done for almost two weeks now, but I can't turn it in...
Aug 18, 2005 who? me? link
its probably like a month overdue but:

oh no! momerath42 lost a (couple) processor(s)!!

Aug 26, 2005 momerath42 link
yea, it happens :/

I need to send my notebook in while its still under warranty- its actually one of my fastest boxes and its been out of commision for like 2 months now. But, I'll probably stop the folding daemon on a couple systems when I get up with the other devs.

Ya, know... we're actually ahead of team slashdot (though they're set to overtake us eventually).
Aug 27, 2005 yodaofborg link
Just added an AMD Turion 64 ML-28 to my bunch, lookout hoax, here I come :D
Aug 28, 2005 JestatisBess link
I just joined. My home computer is idle for much of the time so it should do alot of work :)
Aug 29, 2005 Hoax link
Scotty, I need full power to F@H.

Chekov, terminate your Bittorrent client. Mr. Sulu, no iTunes.
Sep 12, 2005 Cunjo link
Daaaamn... finished one work unit, and the second one is a >2-year unit. Is this normal? I really don't want to sit this particular unit out until late december, 2007 (running nonstop). o_O
Sep 14, 2005 Hoax link
2 years does seem a bit long for a unit. You can ditch it. That is if you don't mind being beat by a protien.
Sep 15, 2005 Cunjo link
all I can say, is I won't be impressed if whatever diseases they set out to cure haven't been exterminated by the time I finish this WU...

how do I ditch it?