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Jun 15, 2008 momerath42 link
Damn, aVirulence, did you just turn on another PS3 or something?
Jun 16, 2008 avirulence link
Nah, the client Gentoo uses is an old one, so I upgraded it myself. This one gives me a 'somewhat' better performance ;-)

Oh, and I started folding on my 'old' pc, which I'm about to sell, so have no fear fear, I guess my conquest is about to slow..

I now have these systems running FAH:

AMD Phenom 9850 @ 4x2800, 2048MB @ 1066
AMD Phenom 9600 @ 4x2300, 2048MB @ 800 <-- My 'old' pc (damn that bugged processor)

Ah well..
Jun 17, 2008 avirulence link
Uhoh, seems you're going to win. The motherboard of my pc died. Will take a couple of weeks before it's returned..
Jun 28, 2008 roguelazer link
Why is momerath bringing in a second username? Is one not enough?
Jul 02, 2008 momerath42 link
Accident: seems to have happened when a new fah client became available in gentoo (~amd64)- defaulted to my unix username I guess. I just reconfigured to momerath42, so my q6600@3.6ghz is back to contributing to my normal account. :)
Jul 10, 2008 avirulence link
You shouldn't just use -5 when doing an etc-update ;-)

I think that after the update you'd have to run /opt/foldingathome/amd64-smp/initfolding or whatever.
Sep 26, 2008 momerath42 link
Oct 17, 2008 iry link
Nov 02, 2008 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
Dec 16, 2008 Cunjo link
Dec 18, 2008 avirulence link
At least I'll be in first place for a while before you destroy us all:
Dec 18, 2008 Cunjo link
<yarhar> Destroy destroy destroy.
Dec 27, 2008 Cunjo link
Well, crap... my mainboard decided to crap out on me, won't POST anymore unless I remove half my RAM (doesn't matter which half, or even which slots are filled, as long as only half of it's in there...) stability is rapidly spiraling down the shitter, and to add salt to the wound, my backup drive died at the exact same time.

All my data is in the onboard RAID 0.

The 0 stands for how much data I will get back when the mainboard dies.

Long story short, you folders may live to see another year at the top.
Jan 15, 2009 avirulence link
I finally got FAH working on my PC again. Turned out that I didn't add my hostname to /etc/hosts..
Jan 16, 2009 momerath42 link
Hey- what happened? I thought I was going to have to fight for my #1 spot.
Jan 17, 2009 avirulence link
Like I just said: my FAH wasn't working since I hadn't set my hostname correctly, it was just my PS3 running.

But now my system is up again. Expect the first unit to arrive today :-)
Jan 17, 2009 avirulence link
Oh and btw, if we start to catch up, we WILL notice if the production server slows down a lot without any reason ;-)
Jan 19, 2009 momerath42 link
Hehe:) I wouldn't do that- I just need to get the gpu folding client working in wine (there's a cuda wrapper) and I should be safe.
Jan 20, 2009 avirulence link
Don't. I got it working twice. The first time was a while ago, and it crashed my system. Probably because the GPU got to hot.

I tried it again today, and it just slows down your system to the point that it's unworkable.
Jan 22, 2009 momerath42 link
Weird. Just to be sure, you're talking about the gpu client version 2 in wine on linux?