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Dec 20, 2005 Hoax link
Yoda folds like a ninny!

Kix you can't keep it up. I'll call your school if I have too. BTW ... uh on a tottaly unrealated and different topic that doesn't have any thing to do with that last sentence: What school did you say you go to again?
Jan 12, 2006 yodaofborg link
Heh, ok, so I fold like a ninny, give me 10 days, and then watch that rank change drastically :P

Jan 12, 2006 momerath42 link
Damn- Kix passed up a Dev. Looks like he's going to top us all if his school doesnt find out first. ;)

Just wait 'til we can all afford new machines, though ;)
Jan 12, 2006 Hoax link
It's all for not Yodaz, for tonight I bring on-line (dramatic pause followed by that orchestra music they played for the klingons in the Star Trek movies) the f0ld1n@t0r!

*the f0ld1n@t0r--accompanied by cool sound effects--decloaks on Hoax's desk and begins folding protienz faster than Yodaz

Hahaha! I win!
Jan 13, 2006 Harry Seldon link
That's right. Make me some transparent aluminum to boot.



Edit: Got one compy running F@H full time, not willing to commit more for various reasons.
Jan 25, 2006 Hoax link
/me kicks f0ld1n@t0r

Unit is stuck, heh, ok so the f0ld1n@t0r's debute was maybe not as impressive as I had hoped...
Feb 10, 2006 yodaofborg link
Ha, well, I got permission (yes, permission kix, do you know what that is? hehehe) to install F@H at my new place of work, on any inhouse machines I use, i'm not sure about specs(yet, im too busy doing other stuff to look, but they are recent), but I use at _least_ 7 machines at work, here I come devs!

Feb 10, 2006 roguelazer link
I am still dangling over all of you the threat to run F@H on two dual-cpu Xserve G5's, 20 iMac G5's, a dual-2.5GHz PowerMac G5, and 15 dual-1.42GHz PowerMac G4's. If I ever get unlazy, it -will- happen.
Feb 13, 2006 who? me? link
lets get un lazy then eh? if you could pull it off you would be king of something!
Feb 22, 2006 Hoax link
/me looks out side window ... sees Yoda ... flips the bird

Feb 24, 2006 yodaofborg link
/me waves to Hoax on his way past!

Argh, roguelazers a threat, you cant possibly keep it up though!
/me builds another 3gig machine to fold on...
Feb 24, 2006 Hoax link
Mar 03, 2006 roguelazer link
Either today or tomorrow, we will have a new #1. That's cool, no? Plus, I'm only a few days from being #9. :P
Mar 04, 2006 KixKizzle link
Mar 06, 2006 Cunjo link
Ahhh!!! Kix folding like a madman with 23 active processors (you little sneak - you stole my idea!) takes the lead...

My college undermined my whole plan for folding domination when they decommissioned all of their old computers... and the new ones are running Deep Freeze, while I have insufficient access to change them at that level.

I'll have to go have a talk with the IT head man... see if I can't commandeer at least the ARC.
Mar 08, 2006 KixKizzle link
I tried to get it working on a mac but it wouldn't connect to the site and download the WU's.

Can anyone help?
They're behind a router.
Mar 08, 2006 Cunjo link
not a mac guy, sorry...

and even if I was, I don't think I'd want to give you any more help =P
Mar 08, 2006 KixKizzle link
We're getting 150 p4's at school.
Guess whose installing xp on them?
Mar 13, 2006 Hoax link
Ahh, dangit roguelazer, oh well, top 10 ain't bad ...
Mar 14, 2006 yodaofborg link
Har har, Hoax got pwned!