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Dec 25, 2007 Lord~spidey link
ok i made Wh entry markers a cursor and other goodies for the frosty glass skin :)

download 1.2 here
--->[;9322358;/fileinfo.html ]

Jan 03, 2008 Lord~spidey link
Obsidian green 1.0 is complete
i worked out all the bugs but im still working on making the Wh entry markers the rite colour anyways its got the lime neon powerbars, crosshair and radars on it and a really nice UI
ill put some pics up tommorow :);9372374;/fileinfo.html
its coming in blue too :)
Mar 21, 2008 Lord~spidey link
Is complete Fixed all bugs cept that chat window is only 4 lines if you run 800x600 with a large font size other than that I think its the best skin i have made so far... Behold teh pictures.

Download here ---> [;9864800;/fileinfo.html ]
Mar 23, 2008 Lord~spidey link
May 21, 2008 Lord~spidey link
/me is working on something Epic!
May 21, 2008 Lord~spidey link

[the images are links ---^ ]


I hope you guys like it as much as i do :)
I'm still adding some polish here and there so if you want the latest version or have any requests send an email to:

(yay thanks miharu and firemage.)
Jun 25, 2008 Lord~spidey link
ok posting an update to greyscale in a bit
Jul 26, 2008 Sraer link
looks good spidey!
Aug 28, 2008 Lord~spidey link
well been working on and off on this one i don't really like it but i gess its allright.



blue flavor:

yellow flavor:
Nov 13, 2008 Lord~spidey link
Dec 19, 2008 bottom_feeder link

Is there a special for us Handicap Vista users to install skins cause none of them are working for me. I downloaded Obsidian_2 and saved it to the config.ini file as skin=Obsidian_2 under the [Vendetta] portion.

Any suggestions?
Dec 19, 2008 ArAel link
Jan 18, 2009 Lord~spidey link
Apr 02, 2009 Touriaus link
somebody make something
Apr 04, 2009 Kiith Nabaal link
Aura is coming...

seriously though as soon as i have time to waste (not been having much recently) I'll put some work into it. I just hate making the same thing over and over again so I'm trying to come up with a new HUD that looks good and stuff its just really hard. :P
Apr 04, 2009 maq link
Concentrate on usefulness as well as good looks.
Apr 05, 2009 Lord~spidey link
Boulderdash, why should i make it useful and pretty when i can make it ugly AND clunky!
Apr 06, 2009 Lord~spidey link

Rough powerbar idea

Aimdir and crosshair aligned.
Jun 10, 2009 slowbox link
I'm not a long-time player, but I am a long-time skinner. I found this thread after playing Vendetta for a few weeks, and decided to jump right into a new hud. (Info below)



Pencil Flicked Into Space's custom skin hud dealy.

I didn't want an overly stylized HUD, in fact I liked the original in its simplicity. It just seemed a little low-res. This is my preferred hud and I think other's might also feel it improves upon the basic hud. I also wanted sharp-pixel-accuracy in my crosshairs, just a preference from too many shooters. Anyone else is welcome to tweak or do anything with the files, I'm done with it so feel free. =)

The menu graphics are from the pack Obsidian_2. I liked these and didn't want to tackle the menu interface files. Thanks goes to Lord~Spidey for those. (Sorry I didn't ask first, it was after tinkering with your skin that inspired me to build my own. Thanks dude.)

You may or may not like the "damage" indicator effect that I use... Just for fun, I created a little bit of a cracked glass effect along the side that you take damage from along with the red indicators. I think it's a bit of arcade/cool. The rest is pretty tight/official looking indicators.

How I made em... if you are interested...

Most hud elements started first in Illustrator as vectors, then applied the "3d extrude/bevel" effect very slightly to give a somewhat 3d appearance. If you skin yourself, definitely play with this effect. Very easy for basic 3d effects.

I'd then import graphic into Photoshop and apply a "Layer Effect" that added a slight glow, shadow, and slight bevel to add a more rounded effect and help give a 3d-hologram kind of appearance. Then, adjusted color sliders to achieve the different green/red versions.

(email me if you want the working PSD files with effects or whatnot)

Also included in the zip... for the heck of it... PNGCOVERT.EXE

A little program that fixes any white border issues you have making custom PNG files. Just drag + drop your PNG file over the executable for instant fix. I just zipped it up with my files because it took me awhile to find it. It solved all my png probs, maybe someone else will find it useful.


To use, unzip into a /flick folder in your /Vendette Online folder.
Open config.ini in Notepad
Change the skin= property to: skin=flick/

Pencil Flicked Into Space
e-mail anytime:
Jul 25, 2009 Secret Agent Muska link
Spidey, I can't download any of your skins! *Sob*