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Finished Skins

Sep 05, 2006 RelayeR link
Conversion of some of Ray's files and tweeks. Enjoy!

Sep 13, 2006 RelayeR link
Major button and tab changes as well as new HUD elements.

Oct 01, 2006 slime73 link
I'm getting 404s on all of Luis' links....
Oct 02, 2006 moldyman link
Probably because all the HUD elements won't work on the revised UI...?
Nov 09, 2006 slime73 link
I would like to request the old skin (the one before February or so).

Edit: Not that the new one isn't awesome, but I liked the old one too :)
Nov 09, 2006 moldyman link
Yeah... I have to agree with him >_>
Jan 15, 2007 Blacklight link
Me too. Does anyone have a copy of Reno's recent update skin? Since the links are 404, may you please re-upload it? Thanks a bunch.
Jan 16, 2007 RelayeR link
The last one I have is only 1/2 a skin.
Mar 21, 2007 slime73 link
I would like to request the old skin (the one before February or so).

Mar 28, 2007 RelayeR link
If you're talking about the old VO skin from Ray, it's [link removed]. Look for "" and download it. (this version is from June '06.)

If you're talking about Reno's skin, he never published a finished version of it that I know of.

[edit - the file I had above was not a complete skin RR [/edit]
Mar 28, 2007 moldyman link
I think he means waaaaaay retro... VO release box screenshots retro.
Mar 29, 2007 RelayeR link
I don't think the release-box skin is compatible anymore, but I think the one I posted the link to is the closest to it.
May 03, 2007 Touriaus link
I need someone skilled to make me a custom hud skin. I'll pay credits for it. Find me ingame or IRC and we can talk about it.
May 06, 2007 moldyman link
I don't think the crosshairs can be bigger than.... trying to remember.... 128 by 128 pixels, I think. They can't be much bigger than they are right now is what I mean.

For those just joining us, Mecha wants something similar to this:

But with more accurate markings at intervals along the lines like aircraft have for the HUD system with relation to land. (ie degrees of inclination).
May 07, 2007 Touriaus link

more like that. The rest of the hud should accent and draw attention to the crosshairs. The skin should be created around the Crosshairs I guess.
May 12, 2007 RelayeR link
I've got one that's the lower-half of that (no upper arm). if interested, give me an addy.
May 13, 2007 Touriaus link
hmmm. Is there a way to make the upper arm?
May 14, 2007 RelayeR link
Why use an upper arm? It just cuts visibility.

Try it and see if there are any more changes you want: hud_new_crosshairs
May 14, 2007 Touriaus link
I'll try it. But as general personal preference I like full crosshairs and use those better than others.

Tried it. A little small, can it be any bigger? It looks good other than the fact that it was white(I didn't color it) and if it had the upper arm :P
May 20, 2007 RelayeR link
OK, Mecha... I have a 4 sided green one for you (same location).