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Jul 25, 2009 Lord~spidey link
Nov 16, 2009 endercp12 link
Just wondering if anyone has MDuncan's skins still. Have talked to him and he no longer has the files himself
Apr 10, 2010 Lord~spidey link
I have every single skin i have ever come across backed up somewhere, and sicne i'm moving three of my HDD's over to me new 2TB drive i'll probably come across it, when i do i'll zip everything in one file and slap it on

[edit] Oh and sorry to everyone about the borked FileFront links i'll fix all that in due time. till then you can always grab every skin i made here
May 07, 2010 Jmvcilus link
Ok so Faustie has made some skins. They are available for download here:

The pack includes:
1.Fog Skin
2.Neon Skin
3.Holo Blue skin

Try em out and post what you think.
Dec 15, 2010 Lord~spidey link
Dec 29, 2010 Phaserlight link
Currently using Obsidian Green, keep up the good work!
Jun 20, 2011 badr link
I have been looking for a place to download recent skins that work with VO current version. Does anyone have an updated thread? or suggest a place to download skins?


Aug 03, 2011 Lord~spidey link
uhhh well yoda's domain expired and my stuff is still on that server, until i pull files from my failing 2TB the only bakups are with me on this external hdd... i'll see what i can do.
Aug 12, 2011 johninmotion link
New time player and potential skinner (that sounds... evil). I was just wondering if there's any documentation (online or a downloadable .pdf) for the process involved in making skins. The wiki page is nonexistent and there's a link in this thread that seems to be kaput as well. Is it (basically) just replacing image files with your own or can you actually get into details like moving the radar and other objects around the screen?

Thanks for any information you can give on this!

Doh! Found the actual thread a few down from this... although I still could use answers to my questions as they aren't explained in that thread either.
Aug 14, 2011 Lord~spidey link
you can only play with the bitmaps :/
Aug 15, 2011 johninmotion link
That's too bad. I was getting ideas on creating an actual cockpit for my ship complete with frame and all... I suppose if a plugin for customizing the hud was easy to make it would have been made already?
Sep 01, 2011 Lord~spidey link 40 megs of skin work and stuff dig in folks :)

most of it is only partially completed but with a teeny bit of work you could put together some pretty awesome stuff, for those hardcore types there's a metric fuckton of original .XCF you're gonna have to be brave to figure my shit out enjoy :)
Sep 18, 2011 Jmvcilus link
johninmotion: If you are still around, you could possibly do something like mr_spuck did with his tape hud plugin found here or via

It basically displays a .png image of a hilarious tape cockpit. However, theoretically if you made your own cockpit .png and replaced his with it then you may be able to make yourself a pretty nifty cockpit without having to know much about lua or plugin writing.

Just a thought...
Dec 09, 2011 Dark_Palin link
Anyone have any of the skins mostly looking for Insurrection all the links I find on the web are dead.
Dec 28, 2011 PhoenixVoice link

I had to piece it back together but I think I got it back to pretty much what it was. A few things might be a bit different but I'm pretty sure the PDA and main HUD stuff are all the same. A few reticles might be different but should still be good.


Commander of the Phoenix Alliance
Aug 19, 2012 TehRunner link
Resurrecting the dead.
Any chance to get Spidey's Light Screen skin re-uploaded, assuming he isn't against his stuff being shared.
Sep 14, 2012 Lord~spidey link

Here latest version you also get Greyscreen too :D
Sep 14, 2012 TheBigL032 link
Sweet.. thanks for posting!
Sep 28, 2017 scared star link
sorry for semi necro bumping this (tis pinned though i need to ask luxen his terminology about this lol)

but most/all of these are broken why is that? like i have a few ideas in mind but yah i was really hoping to find the 'funky' skin here that worked lol

P.S if someone still has funky skin plz do tell me lol i want to be jazzing out on synthwave with a funky hud :D
Jan 31, 2018 tarenty link
Just so this isn't lost to the abyss: