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Vendetta Online - Player Contribution Corps

Oct 04, 2006 Apex link
This is definitely a big step in the right direction, Guild.


Many Player-driven/Player-made story sequences and missions are going to be gauranteed for quality, since they're created by the people who really love the game, and know what's great about it.

I'm definitely going to get involved in this.

(I haven't read the documentation on this yet, but I sure hope there will be a way for a mission-writer to test his missions on a private server.)
Oct 04, 2006 Suicidal Lemming link
Missions you are working on go onto the test server unless there is an error in them.
Oct 04, 2006 FatStrat85 link
OK, my mission is working fine if anyone wants to try it out (on the test server). Just make sure you have decent Orion standing so it's available. It's in the Latos Orion station and is called "Pirate Hunt", in case you missed my earlier post. It's just a simple quick thing I put together to test it all out.

Is there any manual that tells us how everything works or even some examples or simple instructions? I'm kind of doing this by trial and error which takes a long time. The "whoa whats goin on here" link doesn't work. I dont know if that was supposed to explain anything.
Oct 04, 2006 Professor Chaos link
Hmm.... I think we're going to have a mass migration to the test server....
Oct 04, 2006 incarnate link
Only the person who is developing the mission can see/play any missions they make. Unless it's submitted for approval, then the devs and guides can see/play them as well (but still not the general public).

Otherwise we would potentially have like a gazillion broken in-development missions floating around the test server, and you would have to wade through everyone else's stuff to find yours.
Oct 04, 2006 FatStrat85 link
Ohhh... OK. Thanks Incarnate for clearing that up. That makes sense. Although it would be cool to have feedback from other users on the missions.
Oct 04, 2006 tumblemonster link
Hey inc, any way you could add a step to create testing groups or something? Some kind of function to allow 1 or 2 invited players to test your missions. That way you could get peer feedback without cluttering the mission boards. It would probably also make the quality of the final submissions go up, because we have access to another layer of feedback to refine our missions before we submit them for final review.
Oct 04, 2006 FatStrat85 link
Incarnate, I know there's no documentation yet, but do you think you could just give us a few sample missions so we can work off something in the mean time?
Oct 04, 2006 incarnate link
tumble: I'd like to do something like that.

fatStrat: umm, well, I have to wait for Andy to make that possible. It is planned.. the "new" tutorial missions will hopefully be posted as examples.
Oct 04, 2006 RaWolfe link
*is still under review * XD
Oct 05, 2006 ananzi link
Mrpizza if Guild went broke tomorrow they would have no choice but to sell all their assets to whoever would buy it. If you were a business man you would do the same thing. If your business goes out of business, you sell off the assets and try to figure out how to pay the rent and buy food and gasoline, because you will likely still owe some people money. "Oh but that wont happen". Bollocks, what if one of them, god forbid, gets cancer? What if one decides to become a buddhist monk and moves to Nepal? One thing is certain in life, improbable things happen, and that is why we have a legal system in the first place.

So they would sell everything, all intellectual property - under the current agreement language, that includes all player created story arcs, missions, any characters and/or logos you may create, any artwork, any plotlines represented in your missions, words, phrasing, phrases, dialog, 'concepts', brands, terms, etc. All of which would then be owned by the buyer. In this case, that buyer is probably some letigious corporate behemoth like EA. Why would EA buy it? To bury it, because they dont want competition with their own space game? To develop it further, altering everything to suit their market research about profitability? Or, to just, sit on it? Like large corporations do to movie scripts, books, albums, etc, that sit in limbo forever. They may simply put your work in a bureaucratic trash bin and forget about it for 20 years. The person in the company that bought Guild might quit next month, and though the corporation would own all assets of Guild, nobody working there would be familiar with them! Call them up, they would be like "I dont know, let me check my records and get back to you", whicih they wont.

Unless of course you try to revive it on your own, make your own web page, make your own game, whatever, that incorporates some of the same, or similar aspects, in which case they will sue you for copyright infringement.
Oct 05, 2006 toshiro link
Aren't we in a happy mood...
Oct 05, 2006 Professor Chaos link
Big businesses tend to start out small. Maybe Guild, after Vendetta becomes the most popular and awesome MMORPG of all time, will be the next EA.

This is getting off-topic and irrelevant.
Oct 05, 2006 Whistler link
Back ON topic:

Please do give the editor a spin and comment on it.

Don't just stop there though. Really try to submit a serious mission so that the approval process can be streamlined.
Oct 05, 2006 FatStrat85 link
I can't get past simple 'go blow up this guy' missions. Even that has been a struggle to get working perfectly. I need some examples or documentation to go farther. I won't be able to submit anything serious until then.
Oct 05, 2006 greengeek link
Started playing around with the editor to get a feel for how the pieces fit together, and what kind of interactions can take place.

I'm sure I'll find more things, but right off the bat, I noticed that it doesn't seem possible to send a player to a specific sector. Sectors by type, station, system etc yes, but not wormhole sectors or sectors simply by System + Grid Coordinates.
Oct 05, 2006 Whistler link
Excellent - helpful feedback.
Oct 05, 2006 slime73 link
Yeah, I can't complete one of my missions that I would like to make without sending NPCs/people to specific sectors. Also, it would be nice if we could spawn every possible ship type available, not just a few types :)
Oct 05, 2006 incarnate link
The editor is designed to produce missions which are as re-usable as possible. The more specific the mission (ie, go to these exact coordinates), the less re-usable it is.. since only one person can take that mission at a time. Instead, we only allow specification down to a general area-type selection, so multiple instances of the same mission can be run concurrently without overlapping.

We'll get you guys some examples as soon as we can.
Oct 05, 2006 FatStrat85 link
Once you create the parameters for a sector, it gets a label and you can send anything you want to that specific sector throughout the mission.

The problem is that the one sector cannot be prepicked beyond the parameters and cannot be a WH or station sector (other than the one where the mission was picked up).