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Vendetta Online - Player Contribution Corps

Oct 12, 2006 FatStrat85 link
moldyman: Ahh, a video clip is worth a thousand words.
Oct 12, 2006 moldyman link

In case someone doesn't know how to do them (like I didn't). :)

EDIT: Thanks to Racer, I fixed the buttons bug. I had to add a mission log after the buttons stage to overwrite the other options.
Oct 15, 2006 Phaserlight link
Thanks for this, inc.
Oct 16, 2006 moldyman link
General question:

Any rough guesses how long it takes to respond to submitted missions?
Oct 16, 2006 incarnate link
Not really, since I'm still figuring out that whole process. I haven't yet responded to anyone's submitted missions. I had kind of a strange weekend, but I hope to get back to everyone on their missions this week.
Oct 16, 2006 a1k0n link
moldyman: heh, nice find. I should make that an example.

And by the way, if anyone wants to make some examples for other PCC'ers, you can submit them. Just add a comment (or make it obvious in the title) that you intend it to be an example and not a production mission. I can make them show up as examples for everyone else to see.
Oct 16, 2006 tumblemonster link
There is one example mission showing in my list, but when I try to load it I get this error:

Error: {"name":"TypeError", "message":"Undefined value", "message":"Undefined value", "line":123, "sourceURL":""}
Oct 23, 2006 moldyman link
1) This should be stickified >_>

2) Andy, do any of the bots ACTUALLY mine? And by actually I mean the fake mining the server does. I ask this because at the moment, not even the damn Collector bots mine when I tell them to.
Oct 23, 2006 LeberMac link
Since I haven't heard anything officially, can I assume my application for "PCC" has been rejected?
Oct 23, 2006 incarnate link
Leber: uhh? Check the url

There is no email contact as of yet, like I said in my first post that started this thread.
Oct 23, 2006 LeberMac link
Oh... Hum.

Let's hope this slight oversight on my part doesn't reflect badly on my ability to follow up on these missions in the future.

/me sheepishly goes to the url...
[EDIT] Oooh Yay I made a mission.[/EDIT]
Oct 24, 2006 a1k0n link
The mission editor will be going down for maintenance for the next hour or so. If you get an error trying to save your mission, just leave the browser window open for now and resave it once we're back online.

We're cutting over to a new test server.

edit: PCC stuff is back up, but the vendetta server seems to have some 64-bit issues with the newer version of gcc that we don't get with 3.4.5. Odd. So I'm installing and recompiling and then the test server will be back up.
Oct 25, 2006 slime73 link
Awesome Andy!

By the way, did you get my email yet? :)
Oct 25, 2006 moldyman link
Test server keeps saying my login is incorrect :(
Oct 25, 2006 slime73 link
It works for me....
Oct 25, 2006 Suicidal Lemming link
If you changed your password recently the test server will most likely still be using the old one.
Oct 25, 2006 moldyman link
Nope... same old password as always <_<;

/me starts getting nervous
Oct 25, 2006 incarnate link
Umm, we recently switched to a new test server. It's a much more high-powered machine, on loan from one of our interns. But, because of the switchover, I'm not sure exactly what version of the database is on the test server. I guess I'll have to ask Andy about that.

Don't worry, it isn't some sign of you being kicked off the test machine or anything :).
Oct 25, 2006 a1k0n link
Yeah, we're missing about 43000 accounts on the test server after the database import.. looks like the db got truncated or something. what the hell? I'll reimport it now.
Oct 25, 2006 ufoman link
[x] a1k0n
[ ] not a1k0n

am I right? :P