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Oct 25, 2006 MSKanaka link
[ ] a1k0n
[ ] not a1k0n
[x] "oops"
Oct 25, 2006 a1k0n link
[x] mysqldump

at least I didn't delete the production database with it this time.
Oct 26, 2006 MSKanaka link
That would have been bad, yes.
Oct 26, 2006 jexkerome link
Is it too early still to consider a PCC forum?
Oct 26, 2006 moldyman link
Yes forum! A thread is not enough!
Oct 26, 2006 stewhites link
Oct 26, 2006 Lexicon link
Yes, this will require a forum. Agreed.

Is it possible to modify and/or create your own bots? As in, outfit a certain NPC bot with a ship type & batt & weaps, a fighting AI style, certain cargo, etc? That would be nice.

Will the AI for NPC's/bots be opened up to the PCC?

I mean, say I wanted to create a NPC character that has a reasonable chance of kicking the player's ass, even if that player is highly skilled. Without making things ridiculously hard, would this eventually be possible?

Just asking.
Oct 26, 2006 incarnate link
I've been thinking about the forum thing for awhile. Yes, we'll probably add that.

Outfitting NPCs on your own is a possibility for the longer run. For the moment, you'll have to deal with the AIconfigs that I cook up (and I've been planning to expand what's there since people started asking for less-high-level NPC-type bots).

Selecting AI is also a definite possibility, but not right now. Eventually I would like to move towards a set number of fixed behaviours which can be configured per NPC. Like "coward, shy, neutral, aggressive" and then skill like "newbie, recruit, veteran, ace". Anyway, I'll think about this and write up some long term design, once I finish all the other.. stuff.. I'm in the middle of doing right now.
Oct 26, 2006 moldyman link
Heya! Well, I was trying to do a long range patrol type mission from Divinia to Bractus and back to Jallik. It had two Teradons and two escorts to guard each capial vessel. problem is... once they get to the first wormhole in Divnia, the Teradons split up. One goes to A-13, the left wormhole, and the other warps through the wormhole it's at. On the other side, it's gone....

Does the mission editor get rid of capships through wormholes like the Deliverator? :( If yes, is there a way around it?
Oct 29, 2006 moldyman link

Stage 3; Action 6. Taking the mission from the itani station in Edras I-2. Missions says to spawn a Strike Force NPC, faction being whatever the faction is issuing the mission... so itani. But everytime it spawns in the target sector, it is unaligned. :/
Nov 02, 2006 LordofBlades link
I sent in a short explination of why I'd like to join, I hope it has reached you. If not, please say so, and I'll gladly resend it. Please not that any spelling errors on my part are typos most of the time, as I'm not in the habit of rereading normal posts.

As for new boards...

Note: I will transfer authority over these temporary boards to the developers at any time upon request.
Nov 02, 2006 Whistler link
LOB: Did you use the application link?
You might want to resend it if there are spelling errors or typos - attention to detail is rather important for the PCC.
Nov 02, 2006 LordofBlades link
Oh I was just adding that in case they started evaluating my day to day posts. The letter I sent is grammatically correct, with proper spelling. I did try to keep it short though, not a huge essay that they'd have to take a lot of time reading over. Just something that outlined my idea's and goals.
Nov 03, 2006 LaVespa link
Newb questions:
Can I test my missions in the regular test server???
Do I access that server by put test:LaVespa as my username?
Nov 03, 2006 RelayeR link
yes and, yes.
Nov 03, 2006 moldyman link
Only problem is the test server isn't like the production server. What happens is an "image" is taken of the production server database every now and then and put on the test server. So unless you had an account when that image was taken, you can't log onto the test server. It's at least two months old because I'm still in Sigma... probably more along 4 to 6 months old now.
Nov 03, 2006 LaVespa link
That makes sense, I'll just keep designing until the test server becomes available to me.
Nov 03, 2006 Renegade xxRIPxx link
just use the community forum for it...
Nov 03, 2006 LordofBlades link
Well I thought it might be a little easier if you could start new threads pertaining to a specific issue. They've been updated by the way, not a huge change, but it'll be a little more organized. Have at it or have at it not, I really have no control over that. But I'll be around if you need me to add or change something on the boards. Unless Inc decides he wants to monitor them himself.
Nov 03, 2006 LordofBlades link
And right off the bat, I have a problem. In the system selection screen, well, I can chose pretty much any system I like. That's all well and good, but I want it to show up in serco space in general. Like, everywhere. Is this option non-present or am I just an idiot?