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Nov 03, 2006 mr_spuck link
uhm .. faction space serce and system any?
Nov 03, 2006 moldyman link
Nov 05, 2006 LordofBlades link
How does one go about setting up missions in a series? Like an introductory mission into the serco navy (can check that out if you want, combat 6, high serco standing) followed by another such mission that's considered more important, followed by another, ect ect, with a branch or two depending on the players actions.
Nov 05, 2006 FatStrat85 link
You have to set an accomplishment flag when one mission completes. Then make that flag a requirement for the next mission.
Nov 05, 2006 LaVespa link
Could we get the test server updated so I can test my missions :)
Nov 06, 2006 LordofBlades link
Perhaps there should be a list somewhere of the flags already in use? I don't want my missions to get mixed up with, say, a pirate storyline.
Nov 06, 2006 MSKanaka link
if you name them things specific to your mission or things not even related to VO, like "lob_mission_accom1" or "aasdknasddlk" chances of overlap are small--but you do have to remember to type them in exactly as they were in the original mission.

Easiest way to do it is to use one accomplishment to increment the mission, say "lob_string_stage_accom" and let the value indicate the stage number or the number of stages completed. If a particular mission in the string needs to be taken X number of times before moving to the next one, create a "lob_stage_N_mult" accomplishment and increment it at the end as well, but make sure you *set* the first accomplishment to the next value so it doesn't change!

The next mission in the string would require the _stage_accom accomplishment to be at a given value, and the second accomplishment to be at or above another value. That would work, in theory, but if a Dev could verify that, it'd be nice.
Nov 15, 2006 a1k0n link

Is it too early still to consider a PCC forum?

Nov 15, 2006 FatStrat85 link
Awesome! Now you should copy this thread there.
Nov 16, 2006 Phaserlight link
Awesome! Thanks devs!
Nov 17, 2006 terribleCabbage link
Can us mere mortals have read-only access? XD
Nov 17, 2006 FatStrat85 link
I think the whole point is to keep the mission plots a secret.
Nov 17, 2006 terribleCabbage link

Nov 20, 2006 zamzx zik link
Whew. For a minute there, I thought I hadn't been online enough.

I'll be applying around christmas (when I come back to real life )
Until then, I'll be reading dictionarys and preparing to be mature, helpful, and generally better then zamzx GOLD, Blackhole Razorclaw, Blackhole Gold claw, zamzx...ect.

-thus, I die.
Nov 20, 2006 TRS link
I must not be a very good speller. Not only have I not been accepted, I didn't even merit a rejection email. How bad do you have to mess it up to just be completely ignored?
Nov 20, 2006 PsyRa link
Try to go back to the application page. I was accepted, and did not get the promised Email either.

I went back to see about asking again, and poof, mission editor.
Nov 20, 2006 moldyman link
I never got an email and got accepted in the first three hours or so.
Nov 20, 2006 Whistler link
From Incarnate's post that started this thread:

"Also: the application process makes a mention of an email when you're approved. The email response isn't yet functional, so instead just check back to the PCC url periodically to see if you have access. Do make sure your account-listed email address is correct and up to date though, as we may use it for other PCC-critical announcements and stuff."

Also on page 5
Nov 20, 2006 TRS link
that page has said "Your application is still under review." for the last 6 days. I have hit the refresh button to make sure it isn't cached page.
Nov 20, 2006 incarnate link
The application page also says

"Application can take a few weeks to be approved, especially if we're getting a lot of applications."

So waiting 6 days should not be considered a big deal.