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Finished Skins

May 04, 2006 mr_spuck link
uh ... redblood updated again.

edit: and again :P
May 05, 2006 Person link
I've forestalled work on my skin for a while. Nobody cared about it, so...

/me cries :D

May 08, 2006 Doukutsu link
Its ok, Person. I don't even care for my own skin.

I'll get back on it one of these days, though!
May 12, 2006 Zebidie link
The link to Snax_28's 2nd skin (The blue one) dosent work anymore only the red Serco version. Any chance of a repost I really like it but cant find the file. :( doesnt have the file anymore
May 13, 2006 mdaniel link
Here is my 3rd skin. It's called "gts" and uses gts writing and a design more matching the VO universe.

Looks like this:


Have fun!

M. Duncan
May 19, 2006 RelayeR link
Awsome, Duncan!
May 19, 2006 mdaniel link
Thanks! :D
May 20, 2006 mr_spuck link
now with pda :P

The text placement is a bit off. Maybe because my image dimensions don't fully match the ones in the default skin. I'll have to wait till ray releases it to verify that.
May 21, 2006 moldyman link
Get to cracking Priapus! >_>
May 21, 2006 RelayeR link
All skin creators, see this thread to update your skins to get the missing PDA files:
May 23, 2006 gidds link
Is there a skin for Mac users to download?
May 24, 2006 slime73 link
Mac users can use any skin.
May 24, 2006 roguelazer link
Luis needs to update his skin to work with the PDA. His is just too cool to not use. :-)
May 25, 2006 RelayeR link
Anyone can update any skin for PDA support. Just duplicate the listed files in the other thread and re-name them.
May 25, 2006 thurisaz link
..except sometimes odd things happen; I used to use a skin that was ~80% luis', but the spuck-jex technique didn't work very well :C
May 27, 2006 mr_spuck link

looks like rays default skin is uptodate too.
May 29, 2006 moldyman link
Priapus...! :(
May 29, 2006 slime73 link
He wants your updated skin I think!
May 29, 2006 slime73 link
You didn't know they updated the PDA again?
May 29, 2006 moldyman link

I sense much continuing work on skins for a while