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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Oct 08, 2004 Eldrad link
The variables unfortunately only work as the replacement for an argument of the correct type, not a random bit of text.

So if you're targetting "Bob" and you use the command "msg %target% 'Hi %target%'" it sends a message to "Bob" of "Hi %target%", not "Hi Bob".
Oct 10, 2004 Cam link
To do a quick message to any channel you can use this alias:
/alias chan99 "activatechattab 0; join 99; say_channel"

That will join channel 99 and put up the prompt, the rest like Eldrad says you'll have to fill in yourself.

Also keep in mind that guild and group chat show what system/sector you're in, so using that would shorten the message you have to type.

Oct 10, 2004 roguelazer link
/alias chantoggle1 "join 100; alias chto 'chantoggle2'"
/alias chantoggle2 "join SECRET_TESTER_CHANNEL_NUMBER; alias chto 'chantoggle3'"
/alias chantoggle3 "join SECRET_TESTER_CHANNEL_2; alias chto 'chantoggle1'"
/alias chto chantoggle1

Modify as necessary.
Oct 11, 2004 toshiro link
a convenience bind, it blurts a message to a newcomer to join #100. i stole it from silentsuicide

alias joinprompt "prompt '/join'"
alias helpbind "join 1; say_channel If you want all the people to hear you, type /join 100 and use shift-t to talk.; joinprompt"

it even asks you what channel to join. a modified version is this one, it leaves #1 after you helped the poor newcomer:

alias joinprompt "prompt '/join'"
alias helpbind "join 1; say_channel If you want all the people to hear you, type /join 100 and use shift-t to talk.; leave 1; joinprompt"

silentsuicide's source:

/alias <alias> "join 1, say_channel Type join /100 to chat in Global; join 100"

both alias name and message i forgot.
Oct 11, 2004 roguelazer link
alias wp1 "Weapon1; alias mwu wp2; alias mwd wp7"
alias wp2 "Weapon2; alias mwu wp3; alias mwd wp1"
alias wp3 "Weapon3; alias mwu wp4; alias mwd wp2"
alias wp4 "Weapon4; alias mwu wp5; alias mwd wp3"
alias wp5 "Weapon5; alias mwu wp6; alias mwd wp4"
alias wp6 "Weapon6; alias mwu wp7; alias mwd wp5"
alias wp7 "Weapon7; alias mwu wp1; alias mwd wp6"
alias mwu "wp2"
alias mwd "wp7"
bind MWHEELUP mwu

Scroll through your weapons. Kinda ugly, but it works.
Oct 11, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
A bind that won't let you jettison cargo if you hit j once, for the clumsy traders out there. The safety will reactivate after 5 seconds.

alias safetyoff "echo 'Jettison safety deactivated. Will be activated in 5 seconds.' ; wait 5 'safetyon' ; bind j safetyj"
alias safetyon "echo 'Jettison safety activated.' ; bind j safetyoff"
alias safetyj "echo 'Cargo has been jettisoned.' ; jettison"
Oct 12, 2004 IRS link
Having seen a great many binds, some fun, some useful, but all demanding of valuable keys, I thought about it for a second and came up with this rather useful bind. It's nothing too fancy, more of a "proof of concept" than an actual bind, but it does let me use both the Zoom and Jukebox binds without hogging more keys that needed.

alias toggleWheel1 "bind MWHEELUP zoomIn; bind MWHEELDOWN zoomOut; bind Space toggleWheel2; echo 'Zoom Mode'"
alias toggleWheel2 "bind MWHEELUP musNext; bind MWHEELDOWN musPrior; bind Space toggleWheel1; echo 'Music Mode'"
bind Space toggleWheel1

And that's it. Simple, eh? Now, my mousewheel can act with the zoom ability or the music change ability at the press of a single key (you could also toss in the 'Weapon Select' bind just a few posts up with just one more alias). This becomes progressively more useful as it's extended out: You could group ALL the seldom used commands into just two keys- one (The Trigger, in this case the up and down of the mouse wheel) that activates the command, and another (The Selector, in this case the spacebar) that rotates through the various commands available to the Trigger. With a liberal use of "echo", you aren't left guessing what it'll do, and the freed up keys can be assigned to actions you use more often- Or you could simply enjoy a much-reduced chance of accidently doing something you didn't want to do.

The main drawback is that any functions thus "copied" into a single key can't be used simultainously. However, with just a bit of foresight, you can easily tell when you can safely copy multiple functions into one key or key pair- just ask yourself, "How likely is it that I'll need to use both of these?" Thus my suggestion of fusing the Jukebox, Zoom, and Weapon Select binds- their times of use don't line up (At least in my experience).
Oct 13, 2004 Celkan link

You obviously didn't read the thread, IRS. I already had made a playlist/music player.
Oct 14, 2004 IRS link
Aye, that is a player (and rather more effective since yours can specify playlists). However, mine does have the advantages of: 1) No new files required. 2) It's a no-mod-required working bind. Just toss it in and you're ready to go. 3) It gives you some feedback on what you're listening to. I created it after reading another thread:

I saw the suggestion to make a bind to play the music, thought about it, and decided to make it a fun little project. When I finished, I added it to this thread as an afterthought, in case anyone else might like it.

And I did read the thread, it's just that there are a few slight problems in it-

No standards. We have no naming conventions, and most (I and yourself included) never bothered to give a number of their custom binds names, period. We tend to just lay out the bind and a function description, so referencing specific binds becomes confusing. I choose the names I used arbitrarily based on precieved function, my apologies if any choices offend.

It's a rather large thread. I read the whole thing upon first entering the forums, and over a few weeks it appears that I forgot bits and pieces of what was in it. Again, apologies for not checking the thread for duplicated functions, notwithstanding that the two in question here are only mildly related (though, oddly enough, there are quite a few binds that do essentially the same thing in this thread already).

Perhaps a "directory" post should be created, with links to every bind in here, a name for them, and a brief (one line or less) description.
Oct 21, 2004 Morbidly Wrong link
Here is a major chunk of my wgaf.cfg file broken down into easy to swallow bits... I've put alias' and thier binds together for simplicity...


alias chattab1 "activatechattab 1; bind F5 chattab0"
alias chattab0 "activatechattab 0; bind F5 chattab1"
bind F5 chattab0

alias log1 "prompt '/say_channel'"
alias Message "say"
alias log3 "prompt '/say_group'"
alias log4 "prompt '/say_guild'"

bind F1 log1
bind F2 say
bind F3 log3
bind F4 log4

bind "`" ConsoleToggle


bind "\" nav

bind "a" +StrafeLeft
bind "d" +StrafeRight
bind "r" +StrafeUp
bind "f" +StrafeDown
bind "q" +RotateCW
bind "e" +RotateCCW
bind "w" +Accelerate
bind "s" +Decelerate

bind MOUSEX +LookX
bind MOUSEY +LookY

alias -evade4 "+StrafeUp 0; +RotateCW 0"
alias +evade4 "+StrafeUp; +RotateCW"
alias -evade3 "+StrafeUp 0; +RotateCCW 0"
alias +evade3 "+StrafeUp; +RotateCCW"
alias -evade2 "+StrafeDown 0; +RotateCW 0"
alias +evade2 "+StrafeDown; +RotateCW"
alias -evade1 "+StrafeDown 0; +RotateCCW 0"
alias +evade1 "+StrafeDown; +RotateCCW"
bind "z" +evade1
bind "x" +evade2
bind "c" +evade3
bind "v" +evade4

alias -t "mt"
alias +t "+turbo; alias -t mt"
alias ttog "ttog1"
alias ttog2 "+turbo 0; alias ttog ttog1; alias acti Activate; alias -t mt; alias mt '+turbo 0'; echo 'Turbo OFF'"
alias ttog1 "+turbo; alias ttog ttog2; alias acti 'Activate; ttog2'; alias -t ' '; alias mt ttog2; echo 'Turbo ON'"
alias mt "+turbo 0"
alias acti "Activate"
bind Enter acti
bind "~" ttog
bind Tab +t

alias +ebrake "+Decelerate ; +Brakes "
alias -ebrake "+Decelerate 0 ; +Brakes 0 "
bind Space +ebrake

alias rotfire1 " +shoot1; alias +rotfire rotfire2"
alias rotfire2 " +shoot2; alias +rotfire rotfire3"
alias rotfire3 " +shoot3; alias +rotfire rotfire1"
alias +rotfire "rotfire1"
alias -rotfire "+shoot1 0; +shoot2 0; +shoot3 0"
alias +altfire "wait 1 '+shoot1';+shoot2"
alias -altfire "+shoot1 0;+shoot2 0"
alias rotatefire "echo 'Rotating Fire';bind LMBUTTON +rotfire"
alias alternatefire "echo 'Alternating Fire';bind LMBUTTON +altfire"
bind F6 rotatefire
bind F7 alternatefire
bind LMBUTTON +altfire

bind RMBUTTON +Shoot3

alias aim1 "set autoaim 0; alias aim aim2; echo 'auto aim OFF'"
alias aim2 "set autoaim 1; alias aim aim1; echo 'auto aim ON'"
alias aim "aim2"
bind "/" aim

bind "'" FlyModeToggle


alias scan2 "wait 1 'scan1'; RadarNextNearestEnemy"
alias scanoff "alias scan1 'echo Scanner Off'; bind MMBUTTON scanon"
alias scanon "alias scan1 'RadarNextNearestEnemy; scan2'; echo 'Scanner On'; scan1; bind MMBUTTON scanoff"
alias scan1 "RadarNextNearestEnemy; scan2"
bind MMBUTTON scanon

bind MWHEELDOWN RadarNext
bind MWHEELUP RadarNextFront

bind Insert RadarNext
bind Delete RadarPrev
bind End RadarHitBy
bind Home RadarNextFront
bind PageUp RadarNextNearestEnemy
bind PageDown RadarPrevNearestEnemy


alias ccam "hudtoggle; hidelog; dump; wait 1 'hudtoggle; hidelog'"
bind "P" ccam
bind F11 dump

bind "H" hudtoggle

bind "i" +zoom

bind "u" +TopList

bind F8 DisplayShipPos

bind F10 ViewToggle

bind F9 CameraToggle

bind "J" Jettison

bind "O" toggleinventory

bind Escape Quit

bind F12 Help

Heh... still dont hit F1 for help...

Oct 26, 2004 roguelazer link
SL: Nice job with that cargo safety bind. It's now in my cfg file. :P
Nov 04, 2004 JsteinerXL link
ok im very very very confuzzled

i lack teh sufficiant skill to create my own bind... sooooo
can anyone here craete a bind that i can put on a key or combo of keys to say something in sector chat?
Nov 04, 2004 silentsuicide link
/alias blah 'say_sector "Insert your message here"'
/bind anykeyhere blah
Nov 07, 2004 JsteinerXL link
ok another thing

can anybody devise something that allows me to strafe left, up, down, then right, repeat? for botting. Something i can turn on and off

and how do I implement it into my game (no i dindt successfulyl get slentsuicides in cuz my .cfg file or w/e is non-readable)
Nov 07, 2004 Eldrad link
Jsteiner, use mine or silentsuicides's. All you have to do to get it to work in game is put a '/' before each line, other than that it's identical to editing your wagf.cfg file... except you can't use copy and paste.
Nov 08, 2004 Celkan link
Woo, here's the Über Auto-Target bind I promised Way Back When. This is credited to FiReMaGe, who wrote this after I had asked for one.

alias AutoNTToggle "AutoNTOn"
alias AutoNTOn "alias AutoNTToggle AutoNTOff; alias AutoNTClock 'wait 1 AutoNTarget'; AutoNTClock; ANTmsg1"
alias AutoNTOff "alias AutoNTToggle AutoNTOn; alias AutoNTClock ''; ANTmsg2"
alias AutoNTClock ""
alias AutoNTarget "RadarNextNearestEnemy; AutoNTClock"
alias ANTmsg1 "echo 'Automatic Nearest Enemy Targetting Engaged.'"
alias ANTmsg2 "echo 'Automatic Nearest Enemy Targetting Disengaged.'"

All you have to do is bind AutoNTToggle to some key.
Nov 15, 2004 TheMiller link
After reading a lot about customization and experimenting a bit, I wrote an introductory document to try to pull the various bits and pieces of necessary lore together. This is about how to write aliases and binds, not about specific ones. The document is (at least for now) at this URL:

Comments and corrections are welcome.
Nov 17, 2004 Celkan link
/me nudges TheMiller to submit that thing to the Vendetta Acadamy.
Nov 17, 2004 reptyle link
For all those miners out there... the continuous jettison script. You can mine a roid to your hearts content without your hold ever filling up. ...With nice on and off messages.

alias jetcontonmsg "echo 'Continuous Jettison ON'"
alias jetcontoffmsg "echo 'Continuous Jettison OFF'"
alias jetconton "jetcontonmsg; jetcont"
alias jetcontset "alias jetcont 'Jettison; bind J jetcontoff ;wait 1 jetcont'; bind 'J' jetconton"
alias jetcontoff "alias jetcont 'jetcontoffmsg; jetcontset'"
alias jetcont "Jettison; bind 'J' jetcontoff ;wait 1 jetcont"
bind 'J' jetconton
Nov 18, 2004 Soltis link
Here's an experimental bind set to enable/execute self destructing.

alias kamikaze "kamikaze_arm"
alias kamikaze_arm "echo 'Self destruct armed! Press <key> to disable'; alias kamikaze kamikaze_exec"
alias kamikaze_disarm "echo 'Self destruct disarmed.'; alias kamikaze kamikaze_arm"
alias kamikaze_exec "echo 'Self destructing in 2 seconds...'; wait 2 explode; alias kamikaze kamikaze_arm"
bind <key> kamikaze
bind <key> kamikaze_disarm

<key> should be replaced with one's keys of choice, of course. I do suggest something like Z for arm/explode, and z for disarm, though the exact implimentation's of course optional.
Note the presence of <key> in the actual alias, which you should replace with the key chosen to disarm, of course.