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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Nov 18, 2004 TheMiller link
Celkan: "/me nudges TheMiller to submit that thing to the Vendetta Acadamy"

Thanks for the invite, and I'll do so when I'm satisfied with it, which should be in another week or two, I think.
Nov 18, 2004 roguelazer link
Please use the form at to submit, when you do so.
Nov 20, 2004 CrippledPidgeon link
I wrote up this set of aliases to automatically jettison your cargo when you're mining. Mine doesn't have the keybind, but I added it anyway. It's pretty similar to reptyle's except I set mine to turn on brakes when you start (so it's harder to get nudged away from asteroids by other pranksters), and turn them off when you finish, and I didn't create separate aliases for the echo messages.

alias autoj1a "jettison; wait 1 autoj1"
alias autoj_off "alias autoj1 none; +Brakes 0; autoj1; bind J autoj_on; echo 'Brakes off; Auto-Jettison program deactivated.'"
alias autoj_on "alias autoj1 'autoj1a'; +Brakes; autoj1; bind J autoj_off; echo 'Brakes on; Auto-Jettison program activated.'"
alias autoj1 "jettison; wait 1 autoj1"
bind J autoj_on
Nov 29, 2004 bluea link
Is there a way to do various station things from the command line?

Buy Ammo
Buy max vismetal

(Or whatever.)
Are there any such commands _to_ bind?
Nov 30, 2004 genka link
There's an '/updatestation' but I think that was made redundand by some update a few months back...
Dec 01, 2004 roguelazer link
It's still necessary.
Dec 01, 2004 genka link
Yea, I think it's because you no longer have to take a mission to get liscence levels.
Dec 05, 2004 Itch link
Is there a command that will echo to the screen and not to the log, in the same way that when you are damaged you get red text showing the attacking ship?
Dec 07, 2004 Beolach link

echo "bfdlhfsdfsd" prints bfdlhfsdfsd to the console (or whatever else you want to put there)

[edit] I'm not sure if it also gets put in the log. Try it and see. [/edit]
Dec 09, 2004 mdaniel link
Did someone come up with an updated "Jettison All" bind for mining? Right now I have to do this manually by hitting 'j' then right away 'a'... :)
Dec 12, 2004 Black Omega link
what we need to know is the command for /jettison_all
Dec 20, 2004 smittens link
On page 2, how do I get the sound files mentioned in Celkan's post?
Jan 02, 2005 waleran link
I'm missing something here, and this thread has gotten way, way long now ... Is there a way to get your custom config text file to autoload, so you don't have to type "/load myconfig.txt" every time you play?
Jan 02, 2005 waleran link
One more question: is it possible to add or edit aliases in-game? If so, where? console? chat window?
Jan 02, 2005 Beolach link
@waleran: I think you should just be able to put a line into wgaf.cfg that says "load myconfig.txt" and it should autoload. To add or edit aliases in game, you just use the /alias command. You can use it either in the console or in chat, just start the line with a / and it will try to process the rest of the line as a command.
Jan 03, 2005 waleran link
Cool, thanks!
Jan 09, 2005 Beolach link
For those who like to fight people of their own nation, or other duels:

alias duel_target "duel challenge %target%"
alias duel_accept "duel accept %target%"
bind D duel_target
bind A duel_accept
Jan 16, 2005 mgl_mouser link
#Quicker guild list command and binding
/alias who "activatechattab 0; guild list"
/bind "?" who
Jan 20, 2005 mgl_mouser link
Tired of relaunching vendetta to try your new custom binds file? Try this:

In your wgaf.cfg file, put

load full/path/to/file.txt

and in the file.txt, put your custom bindings. This makes then closer to your regular work files (the Mac version of Vendetta keeps the wgaf.cfg file hidden in the application bundle).

My custom bindings file has a number of things in it, but this magic stuff on top:

alias reset "load full/path/to/file.txt"
bind "+" reset

(yeah, you do have to change the path to something more meaningful).

Then as you stay in Vendetta (window mode), you can edit your file and just hit "+" to reload it without having to quit and log back in.
Jan 20, 2005 genka link
My most favoritest alias evah:
/alias whatever "say_channel That sounds fascinating. Why don't you tell us more?"