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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Jan 22, 2005 waleran link
Sure would be cool if there was a separate forum just for custom binds. Then we'd all see threads with titles, and wouldn't have to page through 9 or more screens of posts under one thread.
Jan 23, 2005 Celkan link
Hail Suite! Complete with bindings to make it work!

alias hailtog "hailon"
alias hailon "bind 1 hail1; bind 2 hail2; bind 3 hail3; bind 4 hail4; bind 5 hail5; bind 6 hail6; bind 7 hail7; alias hailtog hailoff"
alias hailoff "bind 1 mission1; bind 2 mission2; bind 3 mission3; bind 4 mission4; bind 5 mission5; bind 6 mission6; bind 7 mission7; alias hailtog hailon"
alias hailstd "activatechattab 0; msg %target% %hailmsg%"
alias hail1 "hailstd; msg %target% This is Captain Kanaka of the DEC Meronpan, would you care to chat?"
alias hail2 "hailstd; msg %target% Captain Miharu Sena Kanaka speaking. What can I do for you?"
alias hail3 "hailstd; msg %target% It's beautiful out here, isn't it?"
alias hail4 "hailstd; msg %target% A full cargo bay of bananas and curry bread, that's all I ask in return for my current cargo."
alias hail5 "hailstd; msg %target% I would be hard pressed to believe you have honorable intentions."
alias hail6 "hailstd; msg %target% I am here by the grace of your honorable Triumvirate. I have no connections to the Itani except familial ones."
alias hail7 "activatechattab 0; msg %target% ***No response detected.***"
alias mission1 "mission 1"
alias mission2 "mission 2"
alias mission3 "mission 3"
alias mission4 "mission 4"
alias mission5 "mission 5"
alias mission6 "mission 6"
alias mission7 "mission 7"
alias mission8 "mission 8"
alias mission9 "mission 9"
alias missionhail "activatechattab 1; mission h"

bind "1" mission1
bind "2" mission2
bind "3" mission3
bind "4" mission4
bind "5" mission5
bind "6" mission6
bind "7" mission7
bind KEY hailtog

set hailmsg "***Incoming Transmission***"


Basically, hit KEY once, and the number row turns into a set of hails. Hit it again, and it reverts to the standard mission chat interface.
Jan 24, 2005 roguelazer link
Except the number key row was reverted to changing weapons groups in 1.1.0. I think.
Jan 26, 2005 roguelazer link
Hey, does anyone know if it's possible for us to set variables from the console. I don't mean CVARS, I mean arbitrary variables with arbitrary names and values that we could query/use later...
Jan 30, 2005 softy2 link
Ok, I have talked to several guides (including Sherpa), and several Vets, and read through the mess that is this thread here, but I can't figure out how to do what I want to do. Sherpa asked me to post this here to see if anybody can help :

My keyboard only allows a maximum of 2 keys depressed, so I can't do some maneuvers I want to. So I want to bind a key that combines 2 action at once.

Specifically, I want to bind a key, say "z" to do "+StrafeLeft ; +RotateCCW", i.e. a barrel roll. So I tried the following :

/alias test "+StrafeLeft ; +RotateCCW"
/bind z test

But this works as a TOGGLE. I.e., I press it once, and my ship starts to roll even after I have stopped pressing the key. I don't want that.

What I want is a key that only barrel roll when the key is depressed (like the Turbo key).

Anyway can help me?

Jan 30, 2005 maq link
Something like this should work
alias +test "+StrafeLeft; +RotateCCW"
alias -test "+StrafeLeft 0; +RotateCCW 0"
bind <key> +test
Feb 10, 2005 roguelazer link
This thread has been superceded by

Mar 09, 2005 waleran link
An earlier discussion about the need for some visual indicator of Flight Assist status inspired me to make these custom binds. They give me easily recognizable, visual cues when I toggle Flight Assist, when I engage the automatic radar scan-for-enemy bind, or when I engage an auto-dodge bind, to give 3 examples.

My improved custom binds, tweaked to give me visual feedback in the chat area of the HUD:

First, the Flight Assist indicator: this is built into the same bind that toggles Flight Assist. It gives me a large, easily noticeable indication of Flight Assist status:

Flight Assist enabled.
[][][][][][][][][][][]^^^^^^^^FLIGHT ASSIST MODE TOGGLED [][][][][][][][][][]

Actually, this won't look right on the web, but on my VO screen, the little ^^ marks are spaced perfectly so that they serve to underline the word "enabled" [or disabled]. Thus, the long, easily noticeable line of [][][] boxes cues me that FA has been toggled, and the section of ^^^, easily spotted as the eye scans the screen, directs my eye instantly to the most important information: enabled, in this case.

Here's the entire bind:

alias flightasst "flymodetoggle; echo '[][][][][][][][][][][]^^^^^^^^FLIGHT ASSIST MODE TOGGLED [][][][][][][][][][]'"
bind "'" flightasst
bind JOY0BUTTON9 flightasst

Next, the scanner: this one is tweaked so that it will display a long, wavy line whenever I engage the scanner -- at a glance, I get confirmation of the state of the scanner that looks like:

/\/\/\/\/\ Scanner On -- Update Time: 3 /\/\/\/\/\

Here's the entire bind:

alias scan2 "wait 3 'scan1'; RadarNextNearestEnemy"
alias scanoff "alias scan1 'echo Scanner Off'; bind X scanon"
alias scanon "alias scan1 'RadarNextNearestEnemy; scan2'; echo '/\/\/\/\/\Scanner On -- Update Time: 3 /\/\/\/\/\'; scan1; bind X scanoff"
alias scan1 "RadarNextNearestEnemy; scan2"
bind X scanon

These two examples aptly demonstrate the principle. For my auto-dodge bind, I use a different symbol, <><><><><><><>. The main points are:

Make a long line of symbols, so it stands out from the chat text
Choose symbols that make a pattern easily discernible at a glance

Of course, I could write a looping statement that updated the display, periodically, to remind me that a certain bind has been toggled, but I tried that and it didn't suit me. You might want to have that, though, so I thought I'd mention it.

If VO permitted us to change text chat colors in our aliases, I'd have done that, too. For example, you could have the Flight Assist bind remind you, every 360 seconds, that it's enabled or disabled.

I still feel that VO should offer us choices for text colors and, most importantly, a HUD indicator showing Flight Assist mode. Since it doesn't, I'm glad we have custom binds so that we can make our own indicators.

BTW, one last thing: it's best, in VO's Controls preferences, to leave "Toggle Flight Assist" unassigned, and let your custom binds assign it. If you don't, then your custom bind won't execute when you use the key you specified in the GUI [that's how it works on my system].

Mar 10, 2005 roguelazer link
You change the colors of the existing chat types (IE: you can change it so that all echoes are bright red). WIll that help?
Mar 11, 2005 Beolach link
We can change chat colors already? How?

Here's a couple simple aliases & my prefered binds I made that y'all might like.

# Hit one key to have your navroute list:
alias navlist "navroute list"
bind 'L' navlist

# Faster navroute saving and loading, just type the name of the route:
alias navload "prompt '/navroute load '"
alias navsave "prompt '/navroute save '"
bind 'N' navload
bind 'S' navsave

# Faster channel switching, just type the channel #
alias join_num "prompt '/join '"
bind 'J' join_num

# This one I couldn't get to work quite how I wanted. I'd like it if commands issued after
# a prompt waited until after the prompt was completed, but they aren't, so I had to use
# wait instead, which isn't as good, because if you type too slow you miss your chance, and
# if you type too fast you have to wait. So play with the wait until you get a time that
# you feel comfortable with.
# Anyway, it switches channels, and then opens a chatbox for you to chat in.
alias say_num "join_num; wait 2 say_channel"
bind 'C' say_num

# This one's totally useless, and will undoubtable annoy people. I made if after seeing
# yodaofborg & [syn]n00b dancing, blame them ;-P
alias dance "say_channel 'o-|-<'; wait 1 say_channel 'o-\-<'; wait 1 say_channel 'o-/-|'; wait 1 say_channel 'o-<-<'; wait 1 say_channel 'o->-/'; wait 1 say_channel 'o-/-\'"
Mar 11, 2005 genka link
/alias wibble say_channel
/alias wobble "prompt '/wibble; join ' "
/bind button wobble

That does what you want, but the say_channel prompt will come up with the number of the channel you were in. The messages will go to the new channel though. Wee!

PS: I am a far better dancer than yoda!
Mar 11, 2005 waleran link
so, roguelazer: how do you change the chat colors so that, for example, echoes come out in a different color.

First thing I'd do, if I could, would be to change the default blue colors of chat for the channels I'm monitoring. Can hardly see that dark blue stuff.
Mar 14, 2005 waleran link
Not possible, is it?
Mar 15, 2005 genka link
I'm a tricky man when it comes to finding things, as long as I know what I'm looking for!


This here is something I've been thinking about making for quite a while.

alias z1 none
alias z2 none
alias z3 none

alias y10 none
alias y11 none
alias y20 none
alias y21 none

alias one "echo 1"
alias zero "echo 0"
alias x10 "alias y10 'alias z1 zero'; alias y11 'alias z1 one'"
alias x11 "alias y10 'alias z1 one'; alias y11 'alias z1 zero ; carry1'"

alias x20 "alias y20 'alias z2 zero'; alias y21 'alias z2 one'"
alias x21 "alias y20 'alias z2 one'; alias y21 'alias z2 zero; carry2'"

alias xx20 "alias y20 'alias z2 one'; alias y21 'alias z2 zero; carry2'"
alias xx21 "carry2; alias y20 'alias z2 zero'; alias y21 'alias z2 one'"

alias carry1 "alias x20 xx20; alias x21 xx21"
alias carry2 "alias z3 one"
alias answer "echo _; z1; z2; z3; echo _"
alias reset "load twobits.txt"

This is, quite obviously a thingy that adds two user-provided two-bit binary numbers. In theory, it could be expanded to more bits, but it's bloody hard to use as it is, and expansion would be rather useless. Here's an example:
Suppose you want to add two numbers together: 11 and 11. The answer is obviously 011, but suppose you're not too quick or something. Anyway, you want to use the bind! Sooo, how?
Easy! The bind thingy uses silly three-character comands in the format of "abc" where 'c' is the value of the 'b' bit of the literal 'a.' So, typing in /x11 wouldn't run x-windows at all, but would, in fact, define the first bit of the x number as 1. Please note that there are only two numbers here, x and y.
These commands have to be entered in a strict order:

I don't know what would happen if you were to deviate from said order, and I really would rather not find out. Anyway, on to our example!
To add 11 and 11 you would type in
and a /answer to see what you get.
To add 10 to 01 you would type in
and get back a vertical 110 when you type in /answer.

Edit 2:
Hereyago. A four-bit version. Plus I changed it so the carry bit shows up in the answer even if you didn't fill up all the bits needed. Adding more bits as you need them should be pretty obvious.
Mar 20, 2005 bustedup link
This may have been asked, but how would I set up a "fire wep 1, fire wep 2" alias... for "single shot" not fully auto?

Thanks, Kermudgen
Mar 22, 2005 waleran link
Do you mean fire one, then fire the other ... or fire both simultaneously? Simultaneous fire doesn't need a custom bind. To make one fire after the other, hmm, I suppose you'd have to use the "wait" command, which I think means minimum delay of 1 second.
Mar 22, 2005 waleran link
roguelazer recently posted that this thread was "superceded" by a wiki site. I disagree. The wiki is not useful to me. Here, I can not only post [something I can't do at the wiki] but also discuss and share ideas.

If anything, this forum needs a separate topic index just for custom binds -- that would be an improvement on this thread, in my opinion.
Jun 09, 2005 iwindsurf link
I've just bought a saitek X52 and have it working well on my Mac using GamePad Companion.
My main problem when trying to set it up was that you lose throttle control when you switch Flight Assist off and I don't like using that lovely throttle just for accel/decel.
I made a little bind to solve my problem which is combined with gamepad companion - you choose "Selected Element" as Z-Axis and change Action to multiple keys then press s & w (assuming you're still using them for decel & accel respectively) and I suggest you turn the sensitivity down a bit.
Then in wgaf.cfg file you put the following;

alias flightTog "flightOff"
alias flightOff "set flymodeflag 0; bind w +Accelerate; bind s +Decelerate; echo 'Flight Assist Off setup'; alias flightTog flightOn"
alias flightOn "set flymodeflag 1; bind w ''; bind s ''; echo 'Flight Assist On setup'; alias flightTog flightOff"

(that's pairs of single quotes after the w & s)

Then in the config.ini file find the joystick parameters and assign the button of your choice, in may case 29;

Hope this is helpful to someone...
Jun 10, 2005 who? me? link
/bind say_channel "i did" wait say_channel "*died"

im not sure if this is proper syntax and all, but if you must coppy me cheaply, there is how to do it.
Jun 12, 2005 Celkan link
» /bind say_channel "i did" wait say_channel "*died"

im not sure if this is proper syntax and all, but if you must coppy me cheaply, there is how to do it.

Proper syntax:

/alias flubup "say_channel 'i did'; wait 2 flubup2"
/alias flubup2 "say_channel '*died'"
/bind <key> flubup


[100] <who? me?> i did
[100] <who? me?> *died