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Request 100 access on Discord

Jan 31, 2023 Lonewolf11 link
Discord name Phone44#2080

In game Hunterwolf122
Jan 31, 2023 Luxen link
Feb 04, 2023 ericbue link
Discord nickname is incubus
Feb 04, 2023 ericbue link
Discord is incubus
Feb 05, 2023 Luxen link
Since you can't seem to figure out based on all the previous replies, I'll do it for you.

Discord user is incubus#5117 <-- Your user and unique identifier code on discord
Preferred nickname is "incubus-dreams" <-- your in-game pilot name

Feb 07, 2023 DaemonLicht link

Ign: Auri-el

Feb 16, 2023 Ashema Daeva link
ign: FourTailedFox
Feb 18, 2023 Piment link
Discord: Piment#1356

IGN: Piment
Feb 18, 2023 Luxen link

You're not the only piment in the server, but given I share other servers with you, i've gone ahead and renamed the other one as "not piment - inactive" since they haven't been active since 2020.
Feb 19, 2023 r0hit87 link
Feb 19, 2023 Luxen link
Phantom008, you need to also put your discord UserID, which in this case is "FireFist09#5807"

Anyways, done. For everyone else, please read instructions! We need both your player name AND your discord ID both, in THIS forum (NOT a discord PM and certainly not an in-game message) in order to grant the Verified Pilot role!
Feb 20, 2023 LoneSpark link
IGN: Redspark
Discord: Wayfarer#3148
Feb 20, 2023 Luxen link
Feb 22, 2023 Mark 1 Avenger link
discord nickname: Lacrymaria olor#1384
in game name: Mark 1 Avenger
Feb 24, 2023 Floofy Raccoon link
Floofy Raccoon#4914
Feb 25, 2023 Syvleon link
Feb 25, 2023 Luxen link
Lawrence & Mark, ✅

Floofy, try again and follow instructions.
Feb 27, 2023 ksteel81 link
Thank you
Feb 27, 2023 Luxen link
Mar 08, 2023 abdulmuntaqim1987 link
discord id: Xi_Liang#9048
in game name: Atana-Ra Lennala